As I was getting ready to start my weekend at my Family Reunion, I was hit with Information all night long about Charlottesville, VA and the Awful Rally, Riot, and Car Crash that left many injured, and One Dead. August 12th, marked the 2nd Protest in 6Weeks inside the Small Town of Charlottesville, Virginia. With … Continue reading SMALL TOWN. BIG PROBLEM.


Thursday August 10, 2017 BBC INTERNATIONAL (MIDDLE EAST): Saudi Singer Arrested For Dabbing Saudi Arabian Native, TV Host, Actor, and Singer Abadolloh Al Shahani, was performing in South-West Saudi Arabia, when he was arrested for performing the Popular US Dance Move "Dabbing". Video of the incident went viral because "Dabbing" is Illegal and Banned in … Continue reading THE BANNED DANCE


I was Internet Surfing, when I glided into a Small Country Town, that seems to have more than just "Country Time Lemonade on the Porch." More than 60 Indictments were handed down by the Grand Jury Of Smith County, TN. But I'm not worried about the Drug Offenders, Assaulters, and Thieves. What Puzzled me was … Continue reading THE BOTTLE VS. THE THROTTLE


TUES. AUGUST 8, 2017 THE WASHINGTON POST:North Korea Now Making Missile Ready Nuclear Weapons Analyst Say. Reports have flooded the US Intelligence Officials Office with information regarding North Korea's Nuclear Program. The country has successfully produced a Mini Warhead That can be placed inside all of the missiles, a remaining key to North Korea's door … Continue reading THE BIG BANG!


I'm not sure about anyone else. I cannot begin to tell you what goes on inside of other peoples homes. Who Pays What? Who Watches Who? or What is Saved at the end of every month. But when I seen this July 30th Report about the Least State to Have Individuals living Paycheck to Paycheck? … Continue reading SURVIVING WEEK 2 WEEK.


WED AUGUST 2, 2017 BBC INTERNATIONAL (INDIA): Hair Thieves Striking Fear in India. 50+ Women have all been struck with fear, after reporting being Drugged Unconscious, only to have their Hair Chopped clean off their Heads. Authorities have been struggling hard to apprehend the so called "Phantom Barbers" . Women throughout Northern India are not … Continue reading HAIR TODAY. GONE TOMORROW.


FRIDAY JULY 21, 2017 MARSHAL COUNTY TRIBUNE:┬áDeveloper Charged For Damaging 200 Year Old Cemetery. A cemetery, almost as old as the County, was destroyed by a Home Developer Constructing in a nearby Subdivision. 55 Year Old, William Brown, was charged with destroying the nearly 300 Year Old Cemetery, after he ordered one of his employee's … Continue reading (D.T.D) DISTURBING THE DEAD!