Mental Health has been a topic in the news, along with everything else digital, for a very long time with no end in sight. What use to be something that was kept as family household business, has now been publicized and highly monetized. Growing up, we knew about those with special needs, and were taught … Continue reading PEOPLE ARE CRAZY. NOT MENTALLY ILL.



Hey! Want to get paid a week before payday? Want to go out with buddies on the weekdays? But don't have the funds right now? Well you could get a payday loan, adding interest, borrow off those friends you're going out with (9/10 times not), or you could download this app that lets you take … Continue reading DON’T EARNIN. JUST EARN IT


As I sit here typing, and tasting a little bit of whiskey on this cold night, I start to think about those ever so happy "New Home Buyers" that have spread all across Tennessee. Mainly the major cities, but more and more unsuspecting people are just pouring in. For many it is a good thing. … Continue reading NO TURNING BACK NOW.

Shutdown and Shut Up!

Don't turn your television set off just yet. Our United States Government has been shut down for 20 plus days now and Between Politics, the media, social media, and Government workers all over the US, it has been getting wall to wall coverage. I don't know what the big deal is? I understand that hundreds … Continue reading Shutdown and Shut Up!


Just when things feel like they couldn't get any worse American Citizens will wake up tomorrow, next month, and next year, knowing that it will only go downhill from here on out. I have been on both sides of the candidacies for the last 10 years and even before I was old enough to vote … Continue reading HONESTY AND POLITICS WILL NEVER MIX

Weird Generation Cries 4 Likes.

In 2018, I would get off of work just in time to catch the evening news turning on. I watch the Local News, Inside Edition, and every now and then i turn to those world wide broadcasters like Fox News, HLN, CNN, etc. But they all seem to report the same thing. POLITICS CELEBRITY CONTROVERSY … Continue reading Weird Generation Cries 4 Likes.