Mental Health has been a topic in the news, along with everything else digital, for a very long time with no end in sight. What use to be something that was kept as family household business, has now been publicized and highly monetized. Growing up, we knew about those with special needs, and were taught not to disrespect, point and laugh at anyone. I grew up knowing, and went to school with many kids (AND ADULTS) having disabilities and retardation. We knew what to say and not to say and just played together. NOW, I may have a problem with many other things, but I have a very bad problem with the generation of young children, teens, adults, and so on, going out here claiming to have “Mental Illness”. Stop. It looks bad on you.

  • People get mad. People get upset. That is called HUMAN NATURE. People see a man or woman punching and kicking their car? Phones come out, dumb and ridiculous captions are posted underneath videos, and by the time that man or woman knows it, they’re on National Media Platforms that will most likely read the same thing. THAT’S NOT A DAMN MENTAL ILLNESS! It was nobodies business in the first place to know why they did what they did or done.
  • We all have problems… That’s a well known fact. I don’t have it all, you don’t have it all, the rich have problems, and the poor has problems. Money has become the fuel that powers this “Mental Illness” train. Day by day commercials play from E*Trade, and other banking firms, telling people to invest and you will live like that high school drop out, or your best friend who never moved out their parents house. This makes people feel like it will automatically happen by dumping money they should be saving into something that will later either climb or fall in the market. Not having enough money is not a “MENTAL ILLNESS”. Being broke can be fixed.
  • Have you noticed that a trend in Bipolar nearly tripled over 10 years? Me neither. But everywhere I look, Someone is screaming “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I’m Bipolar.” Maybe. Hell, some now just flat out say “I am Bipolar.” and have never sought diagnostics, evaluation, or treatment in any shape, form or fashion. Either you are or you aren’t. If so, Don’t identify yourself by showing your ass in public. Explain your situation in a reasonable way.

There are families out here who do want the word out about sons, daughters, husbands, wives, etc. that have life effecting disabilities. I understand that it is hard on those families having to calculate everyday step by step, face the sounds of questions and laughter from miseducated and misguided children of all ages, and the difficulty of having to change a whole families way of living just to help one function in society and at home. I, myself have never endured this type of situation. But I do know families that do go through these things. It’s hard but you keep it moving and love your children. Plain and simple. There shouldn’t be books on how to love your special educated spouse??

I don’t see a cry for help in those faking “Mental Illness”. I find it sad, sorry, and wrong to be waisting millions on people who don’t have a simple thing wrong with them. I know people collecting checks and probably smarter than me. I know people screaming they’re depressed, I know people stressed, I know broke people, I know lonely people. But there shouldn’t be a need to identify all of those problems as Mental Health Problems. Those Mass Shooting Suspects, are the ones going under the radar, ran through mental evaluations, given drugs, and sent back on the streets where they are doing harm. But an 18-24 year old, single male/female, with little to no income, going nowhere, huffing and puffing, pouting, and shouting, “something is wrong with me!” get checks, medication, and emotional relief from anyone that will feel sorry. Just to get High. AMERICA! YOU FEED THIS BEAST! GIVE IT TO THOSE WHO NEED IT!

Thank you for viewing. This took days of thinking and making sure I made this post as cool and comfortable as I could. I do not wish to offend those who SERIOUSLY need help. It’s not hard to point out those who do and do not. Be careful. Be safe. God Bless every walk of life on this planet.

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