I'm not sure about anyone else. I cannot begin to tell you what goes on inside of other peoples homes. Who Pays What? Who Watches Who? or What is Saved at the end of every month. But when I seen this July 30th Report about the Least State to Have Individuals living Paycheck to Paycheck? … Continue reading SURVIVING WEEK 2 WEEK.


It never fails.... Every other day we hear about it on the TV. Somebody has just committed another Fraud or Embezzlement Crime. Depending on how long you stole and always how high up ¬†you were on the theft chart, always determines the outcome in the case. Wheeling and Dealing, Greasing, Embezzlement, Extortion, Fraud, Theft, Etc. … Continue reading POWERFUL THIEVES


LOOK IN YOUR POCKET! DO IT NOW! I bet you didn't know that you might have a coin in your pockets, ash tray, piggy bank, or whatever you might keep your small change in, may POSSIBLY be worth Hundreds? Thousands?? even MILLIONS??? I started getting hip to collecting coins after my cousin started telling me … Continue reading NICK’S AND PENNIES MAKE $$$ pt.1