Before going into the badlands, where controversy might and might not rise, I want to set the record straight that I do not condone hatred for any man or woman that wishes to change their lifestyle to however they wish to live it. With that said, let’s continue.

Recently the news did a small segment on how California, may be (or already has) passed law allowing the ban on the use of “He or She” and “Him and Her”, when referring to someone who has had a gender change. Now I know everyone deserves the right to do whatever they please with their bodies, their names, and so on. But banning words, and other things like bathroom laws go just too darn far. I have a few good reasons for why these kinds of stunts grind my gears toothless.

  • I, myself, know plenty of gays and lesbians. I, myself, personally would never call them anything other than what their mama’s called them. That is the same for anyone in the LGBTQ camp all over America. People that have known a Zach will surely not up and call them Amber after all that time being Zach? Referring to a guy as a girl will surely take getting use to (Vice versa). It’s not like getting use to different foods, a new car, or hairstyle. The LGBTQ community expects people to instantly change their habit of thinking and just accept what they see… If I grew up with a James? How can I just up and call you Jamie? That’s a BIG change?


  • What are people expecting to be called in California? I can’t say He’s a woman, or She’s a man? He? She? Those are just words. Words with meaning. #1 they represent  Person and Animal. If I see a Transgender? I will not know how to handle the situation. I don’t want to be thrown in a fire pit where the Social Media Monsters will rip my ass to pieces! I guess I will have to just say “Ah Yo!” or “Excuse Me”. This implies to anyone that is gay in any way shape, form, or fashion. Got to be careful.


  • Although it has been some time since the LGBTQ bathroom bill was popping in the news. I still now and then DO NOT KNOW what it was all about. Even though I never use public bathrooms (Because I never have to go) I am pretty sure I am not inside a bathroom in public to see who just took a piss next to me. Hell I try to be as quick as I can before someone see’s something. Or worse…. I see something! When the conversation was in the news, I thought it meant that men could use women’s quarters (Vice versa). And I still do. But it doesn’t work that way. Only for LGBTQ. I have to wear a wig to go in the women’s room I guess. Who Cares where anyone goes to the bathroom?  Really??

As I said. I am down with everyone having their rights to things. But when you take it as far as changing the way others live just so you can feel comfortable in the world? I think that is way too much. I hate that Corporations glamorize that stuff now through commercials. That’s forcing it into my home when I don’t want to see it. Yeah that double standard is still hanging in the balance. The girl on girl thing has not YET been seen in commercial ads (would like to see). But you see plenty of guy on guy and Transgenders, in several commercials. Some advertising household products?! People Do What You Do…. We all get it. You all want those nasally voices heard. This has been going on for decades, and we all know you all are loud and proud, here and queer. WE’VE BEEN USE TO IT! I feel that type of stuff should stay at home. I don’t even kiss my Girlfriend in public like that. Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Trans, whatever you claim to be. I (me) thinks it’s just plain uncomfortable all the way around to be all mushy in the open.

Thank You All for viewing and commenting. This isn’t about how I feel. It’s about all these unnecessary laws and regulations put in place because those with different sexual feelings want everyone to be okay with it. Well NEWS FLASH! You can’t force stuff on people. God Bless everyone. Man, Woman, Boy, Girl, Cat, Dog, Chickens, and Ducks. No matter what you do in life. Just do it. But don’t be all extreme about it. We see you.

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