As I sit here typing, and tasting a little bit of whiskey on this cold night, I start to think about those ever so happy “New Home Buyers” that have spread all across Tennessee. Mainly the major cities, but more and more unsuspecting people are just pouring in. For many it is a good thing. So called “Economic Growth” ,”City Revenue”, and “More Cops and Schools”, should sound great. That is not the case here. The case is down right FRAUD and NEGLIGENCE. Come. Walk with me.

HOME MORTGAGE LOANS: Buying a home is and will no longer be a luxury or pleasure for anyone that doesn’t have the Sufficient Funds to make it happen. Banks, have targeted many with super low interest rates, and with credit scores aiming far from perfect? Down Payments on homes are damn near cheap as brand new car down payments. Literally! The difference between the two? Not much. A Car payment will only go for 6 years. Mortgage payments? 15-30 years. Similarities? Both will always land in the refinance pile within 5-10 years. (You will never own your home or cars until you pay them off FULL!) 

GENTRIFICATION: For the past 5 years, I have seen the Poor side of town (In many Cities & Towns) make a complete 360, fall and change for the worst. “WE BUY HOUSES” signs are stamped on every light pole. Some have taken the bait only to be snatched up by the beast. Asshole “Home Flippers” are coming in buying homes below market value in bad neighborhoods, doubling and tripling the value of the home and charging high as hell prices to stay in poor neighborhoods. Why? because the more poor people on drugs the quicker foreclosure, eviction, and incarceration happens, making it a safer place for new folks to live. I’ve seen $200,000+ townhomes being built in the heart of  very bad sides!

COST OF LIVING: Way before County/State Elections in Tennessee, things throughout the stores were starting to see a price increase. Tobacco being the first to get hit. Many places seen .20 cent hikes, while many have not budged. As of 2019, Boxes of cereal went up, milk, eggs, so on and so forth, have gone up in grocery stores. Believe it or not. Things that haven’t went up in price will see a huge weight difference. Just look next time at the bags of potato chips, check the net weights. Check the cereal. Products will shrink in size to cut cost. Even though that’s been going on. It means it will only get worse.

This isn’t just happening in Tennessee. This is happening all over America. Some states worst than others. The major cities are becoming overcrowded, city folk are settling into country small towns becoming overcrowded. Restaurants are popping up all over the place, gym’s are popping up, nobodies using them? Cars are bumper to bumper in the mornings, noons, and nights, road stupidity is at an all time high. Americans were put in a bind. It’s the governments fault for getting over on American people, draining resources making everyday life cost so much, making folks have to work twice as hard for things that are seriously needed. Like a House! Bankers sucker in people who NEED a place to live, Car dealers sucker folks into cars people struggle to pay for, Tech giants, Fashion, Music, Anything you can think of will sucker you in….. If you let it.

Thank you all for viewing. I hope that I spark interest in those who are not brainwashed and strangled weak by all that surround us. For those who are neck deep, no choice, down to the last option needing a home and already have debt hanging overhead? Stay strong. Save your money. For those thinking about Mortgage Loans? Wait. SAVE YOUR MONEY!

God Bless All around the world. Be safe. Be Kind.

Jamel B.