Have you ever went to the store? Grabbed something, and end up forgetting it? Have you ever got half way or all the way home and forget the bag? Well this sort of thing happens to people. Folks are busy, talking on the phone, running late, etc. Who knows? Well I have been on that side of the fence…. Many many times. But this time I was swiped. Yes, I have been swiped for possessions. That weren’t even mine.

This past Sunday night, I to stop into my local Walmart to stock up for work. After getting the few groceries I needed, my mind hit me that my grandmother asked me to buy a pack of deodorant earlier in the day, so I grabbed some. Well I paid for groceries, and got the deodorant, grabbed the change, got the receipt, and headed out the door. After forgetting where I parked, I also forgot the deodorant at the Self Checkout line. (I want to remind those in States with Self Checkout lines, that someone is ALWAYS watching you.) So, I goes back inside, find the lady that watched me ring up, pay, and leave, and asked her “Did someone bring you a bag with deodorant inside?” “No”… I get back to my Checkout line, and there were 3 people (Race A/A), ringing up, when I asked them “Did any of you see a bag with women deodorant?” A female, a guy, and a skinny girly figure guy?, shook their heads NO! With all that said, the lady that watches you checkout, didn’t “Remember” what checkout line I was in, wouldn’t search their bags, but interrupted a lady in a whole different checkout lane searching around her area. What a Night! I seen those 3, as I was leaving, and I knew they had stolen the $3.00 2-pack of Woman’s Degree deodorant. I shouted “I HOPE IT MAKES YOUR ARMPITS BREAKOUT!” Nothing else I could do… Nothing else to say.

People this is not I repeat, NOT about the deodorant. This is about doing the right thing which these people failed horribly at. Doing the right thing may not be rewarding at times. Sometimes it could be…. Hell it isn’t really about getting something! It SHOULD make you feel good inside about being the better person. I know I feel great when I can do something for someone. Even if it’s just a little bit. Maybe her and that kid, needed it more than my grandmother? That guy Probably needed it? I will never know. I do know that people who do wrong will get theirs in the end.

Thank you for viewing my rants and raves. There is a lesson to be learned in any and everything you read and see. Good people are becoming extinct along with other things. God Bless All Walks of life (Good or Bad), even those who stole that Deodorant. Be careful. Be Safe.

Mel B.

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