Looking at the TV Guide use to be a thing that had been around in American homes for over 65 years. Founded 6 years before that, it was only mailed to homes throughout New York. I have a Roku TV, along with other video streamers, and I find classic movies and television shows that sucked more than the new shows on today. Yeah I know. I have a problem with everything. But understand me. I have a problem with the Big Dogs in Hollywood ripping off people with poor entertainment. I hate that I have to watch propaganda while I’m supposed to be enjoying an Action, Drama, or Comedy. I have a list of shows that just do not make sense to be on Hollywood big screens or American Broadcasting networks.


  • BARBER SHOP 3 ( I expected more comedy and less talk about #BlackLivesMatter, Gangs, LGBTQ, and Gentrification.) All of those are great discussions. But not in my Movies. I paid damn good money for that DVD and gave it away.
  • BIRDBOX  ( I only had to look at the trailer to know that it would be full of Shhh! Your mind sees’ only death and destruction? The Demon’s can’t see you if you keep the blind folds on?) Any movie showing fictional driving with tape wrapped around the car, and rowing a boat blindfolded is bound to get someone killed. Oh yeah. It already has.
  • REMAKES OF OLD MOVIES  ( Death Wish, Lion King, IT, Piranha, etc.) The list goes on with the number of movies within all genres that have gone horribly wrong (To Me). I just pray the rest of the Film Makers hang on to the rights of what’s good (that’s left). It’s not that many.


  • LOVE & HIP HOP (ANYTHING): I find it crazy that everything but “Love” is being shown on those shows. Business being aired on live TV, major stars making fools of themselves. The women on there are anyway. I believe that should stay behind their closed doors and not on TV. Reality is not Entertainment. 
  • REAL HOUSEWIVES (ANYTHING): Did it occur that most of those women aren’t even housewives? Many are going through divorce, or already divorced and blowing through alimony quicker than the checks can clear. If I want to see dirty laundry in the streets? I would go to my parents house and watch their neighbors fight. I don’t know about their children? But I? I would be embarrassed.
  • ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, TBS, & ALL OTHER CABLE NETWORKS:  For the past year or so, I have seen most of the Cable Channels rerun and replay the same old shows over, and over, and over, and over, all day and all night. Don’t get me wrong. Most of the movies and shows they play I do like. But why do I have to watch the movie or show again after it just played or ran quarter of the series!? And the Day Time & Night Time lineup on the Local Networks?? Lord don’t get me stared. 

Maybe it’s my time to call it quits on movies and television? It’s not that everything sucks. But everything sucks. And People love it. All of these Movies and shows spread so much Propaganda and Messages that I wouldn’t expect to see in Entertainment. I have a handful of shows that I find funny. Others I find to not be worth 2 pennies or my money to keep paying the cable bill. I still find laughter in Old shows running in syndication. Even Cartoons have went down the drain. But when I can find old Cartoons I watch it with Pride. I plead for no more bad remakes. I pray that many creators and writers teach many of those that are out here stinking up the airways with their “Paid Messages”.

Thank you for viewing and reading. May my thoughts give some of you wisdom and knowledge that everything you see ain’t always what it be. God Bless everyone. From here to Antarctica! Be safe. Be kind to one another.

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