From Happy Holidays to Happy New Year, the Months are already starting to fly right on by. The end of the 2018 year, turning into the 2019 year, took a major turn. I will leave it up to you, the great reader to decide what you think of the 50+ days that have went by. The Deadline to receive Income Tax W-2 forms was at the end of January. Depending on if addresses, jobs, etc. have been changed, Many will have to hunt their W-2(s) down in order to file. Well I received my W-2, Filed, and boy do I have a story for you.

Well, I filed through one of the online tax services, everything cleared customs like always. As it rallied all of my information together, crunched numbers, downloaded, whatever you call it. My tax return finished adding everything together only to leave me looking confused… I received half of what I made only working 5 months during the 2017 work year! And then it hit me. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. It was the only thing I could do to keep from crying. My girlfriend didn’t understand it. “How can you be laughing at what you just got back for an entire year?” She asked. I told her “You, I, and the rest of America, got their money all year long and just don’t realize it.” I was forced to break it down once again what the lovely government does right in front of all of your sad sad faces.

  • Americans were pumped up with the new Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. All sorts of changes from the reduction of tax rates for businesses, the increase and decrease of tax deductions all around (New and Old), State and Local tax changes, Property taxes, Home Mortgage deductions, and Goodies for big corporations.


  • Job wages did increase all over America. But only for Corporate Office, Industrial Office, Supervisors, and any Manager/ Asst. Manager Employee’s working those higher up positions in their workplace. Those at the lower end did get small raises and bonuses through out the course of the year. Nothing to Amount to Nothing.


  • After Seeing Bigger paychecks, and nice Vacations, Bonuses, Holiday Turkey, Holiday Gifts, and Happy Happy New Year. Many people did not think for a moment that making Too Much money all year would hurt their Income Tax Return. All those Deductions that were added and taken away, never really helped for the working Single Dependent, Those with one or more dependents, Hell Anyone! The 2019 Tax Bracket set the bar at a level that would make many American’s owe, or have made way too much money. 

Billions…….. And I mean BILLIONS of Dollars, laid in the hands of the BIG AMERICAN CORPORATIONS, and guess what every single American Worker got? PEANUTS! DOG SCRAPS! Inflation is up, the stock market is on the fence, and nobody seem to wonder why many of those politicians went on National TV and announced their retirement from politics at the end of 2018, after standing proudly behind the Tax Cut and Jobs Act? Their were “CUTS” alright. Cuts to him, him, him, her, her, and him!

I am not here to discuss the Politic Side. I am here to discuss things that SHOULD be Common Sense to people. Where did people think that money was going to go? What do you think your tax money goes to? If you have or have not had a job, and seen bigger checks all year (Full 40 hours, Holiday Pay, Bonus, etc.)? Then the Tax Cut and Job Act of 2017, did its job…… To Them. And to Millions of Americans that Only Seen the Dollar Sign ($). If you don’t think you won’t know.

Thank You all for viewing and commenting. I only try to speak truth and common sense to those left in the dark wanting to know what’s going on in front of them.. Everything you see isn’t what it really be.

God Bless every life on this planet. Be Careful. Be Safe.

Mel B.

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