Going to school today really is the same way it was yesterday. Principals, teachers, students, and other faculty members fill the hallways every day meeting and greeting parents and children, doing the daily norm in classrooms until the end of the day comes to a closure. Long as parents know that their children are in a safe environment, with loving caring teachers, and being taught to “Do Their Best”, that is all that really matters in the School System. Nothing wrong with that is it? Well Guess What? IT’S VERY VERY WRONG!

  • No Child Left Behind Act 2002:

In January 2002, Former President George W. Bush, signed the No Child Left Behind Act. This required states to develop “Assessments” in Basic Skills. This meant evaluating, appraising, and estimating students progress in various grade levels (Once a Year Testing). States set their own Achievement Standards (Whatever that was). Funding was provided through the Title 1 Provision that was left in place from the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, that was signed into law by the Late President Lyndon Johnson. Funding was provided yearly and based on how well students as well as teachers progressed.


  • Every Child Succeeds Act 2016:

Former President Barack Obama, Signed The 2016 Act. The Title 1 Provisions from 1965, still played its part. Now States were given more control on how Achievement Standards are set and met. Schools are again evaluated Through Once a Year Testing in Various Grade Levels, and given funds based on how well students and teachers perform in school. All Schools in Districts, then report all information to the Department of Education, who then Determines if schools get funding. Now all students after high school can apply and attend college. Regardless of Standardized Test Scores.


During the 2004-2005 End of School Year, I remember being in science class about to take a regular Friday Test. As a young teen, you never understand things you see until you are older. I took the worksheet, did the work, and turned the paper in to the teachers desk. On the way back to my desk, I looked at another student that was still testing. Their Test Paper way totally different than what I had just turned in. My Test Paper only had 2 Multiple Choice answers. Theirs Had the usual 4 choice answers you normally see on any test sheet. I wondered for years about that. I made a good grade on that test but it wasn’t hard to see why.

4 years later, I was in my High School Algebra class when I heard true words come from a Math Teacher/ Athletics Coach. Many of the students in class (including me) just could not figure it out, being that it was my 3rd year in algebra and I am pretty sure he was tired of seeing me. “Just try and do the work. It doesn’t have to be right because Participation grades are given even if you fail the work you do. Long as you try you pass.” True Story…. That also never sunk into me until after I was out of high school. 

I know Schools have funding to receive for things they do. What I don’t like is how they are going about getting the Funding and how they spend the funds. Tennessee, has pumped up Parents with Safety and Tender Loving Care for their children and nowhere near enough education for them. School Board Councils know that many students from all races lack the education skills to meet the proper expectations. This story that education skills lack depending on the poverty level is bogus. The lack of Teachers doing their job plays some part. The Big BIG problem lies at home. Where the TV is. Where the iPad, tablet, laptop, Facebook, You Tube, and all the other social media sites play while homework stays at school. Almost no work is being brought home. No Text Book only Reading Books that are required to be read for 20 minutes every night. High School Worksheets are a Joke. Paragraphs from past speeches and sentences from famous quotes cover the front, with Q&A’s on what you just read on the other page. That’s a great learning experience.

I hate that instead of actually helping children that need it. They Pass them with flying colors and “Way ta Go” Attitudes. All smart children work hard and do not get the recognition because low test score students need to be more focused on to receive the proper funding to buy Principals and School Board Members Brand New Cars and Homes. In a nutshell they blame the parents for the lack of home training required to focus and learn…. And in another nutshell SO DO I!

Thank you all for reading. I wish for all parents to push and fight harder for the way schools educate your children. Because for the past 54 years, School funding has always been determined by how well your Child/Children do in simple classroom studies. They cheat your child out of actual education in order to keep money into their pockets. God Bless these Parents, these children, and every other walk of life on this planet. Be Careful. Be Safe.


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