It’s back….. That special time of the year has come around again…… Tax Season. Yes, it is that time again for Americans to file their taxes, collect that sweet yearly refund, and do things they couldn’t do just the day before. That’s great…. Many have been patient while others probably opted to receive refunds earlier than usual (with a large cost). Hey? It’s your money… You earned it. The number 1 thing that’s always at the top of the list when tax season runs around is buying a car. We all need a car….. Can’t get to work, can’t make appointments, can’t make MONEY! Many people have many problems that only they can deal with. Maybe you are in a hurry and anxious to buy a vehicle for the first time? Or maybe you are a single parent (Man/Woman) with a car that’s falling apart, and needing something RIGHT NOW! Either way, I want to discuss “Buy Here Pay Here” Car Lots, and why you should stay the hell away from them.

  1. KNOWING WHAT YOU BUY: Women, Please do not be offended when I tell you that Buying a car is something you get ripped off on worse than anything else. Buy Here Pay Here Dealers, will prey on young female women (Particularly Single Parent Females), only to gain more profit from a worthless car. Making sure that everything works, along with making sure handling, and the driving of the vehicle fits you and federal safety demands, along with receiving history of the vehicle’s past owner’s and maintenance records. When those things fail to be presented? You should think twice. There are other car dealerships.
  2. CAR/INSURANCE PAYMENTS: It’s not called “Buy Here Pay Here” for nothing….. For those who DIDN’T know, A Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealership, is where you buy the vehicle from THEM and pay THEM!  No Credit Check, No Bank Loan, (sometimes) No License, No Insurance. This leaves poor Billy Joe or Billie Ann in a heap of trouble if ever pulled over, in a car accident (single,or multiple car), natural disaster, theft, etc. Plus we can’t forget the price of the car, on top of state/local taxes, plus interest fee’s that are backed by THEIR accountant, leaving the price of the car double what the damn sticker says!
  3. FUTURE CREDIT SCORES/ POSSIBLE DEBT: I understand…. I was young once. You ready to roll, ready to go. Little to no money? But ready to go. Luckily I had went through high school with two cars. But don’t think this didn’t come with a cost. Both are long gone due to neglect. I didn’t buy my first car with MY money until I turned 20 years old. Which that car is long gone. What I am getting to is, I have always purchased used. I have yet owned a car from the 2000’s. Never dig yourself into debt by leasing pricey, luxurious, cars. Many will let vehicles go back to the dealer feeling a burden has been lifted, not knowing that Bankers supplied the Dealership with the money for that car, and You Sir or Madame, failed to pay back to the bank. Situations like this will likely have you inside a courtroom for countless work hours missed, ending with You Sir or Madame, having to pay for something that’s not even in the driveway. Thus hurting your Credit Score and lingering Debt for the future. 


Before I understood how this dirty world works, I would always hear and still hear it mutter from others lips “I wish I had it like such and such.” “I wish I was able to do what they do.” I am about to be 28 years old, and Those words mean nothing to me anymore. Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly payments that exceed past the amount on the paycheck will break you every single time. Nothing good comes from Buy Here Pay Here Car Dealerships. I may have forgotten most of the reasons for why they are bad like: Flood and Hurricane damages to vehicles, GPS Systems to track delinquent payers, And Kill Switches to shut the engine completely off so Delinquent payers can’t move an inch. Those things are red flags that will have you in debt quicker than gambling and strippers. In fact, I believe that gambling and strippers would be better than purchasing from a “Buy Here Pay Here” Car Dealership. 

Thank You for reading and commenting. Blowing money on car’s when needed is one thing. But rushing to get a car because you want one will have you up Sh*t’s creek. Always do your homework before buying anything. Never meet up with strangers with ALL your money and ALONE! And never wire money anywhere for the purchase of a car unless it is a legit official car dealership’s website. Scams are becoming the new Cash Cow. Don’t be a statistic. Most importantly Don’t be a SUCKA!

God Bless this entire planet. The People, and all other walks of life. Be Careful and Be Safe.

Jamel B.

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