Times have truly changed…. Been Changed… I do not condone half of the trendy, hot things that pop and flop in daily life. Things like that haven’t excited me since highschool. Touch screen phones, i phones, and such, boomed back then. I feel no need to keep up with the technology better than I keep up with my health. Which isn’t all that either. I understand people will be people. I can’t stop that. But I would like to know why many of American’s feel they need to depend on technology so damn much? Technology does so many things that use to be manually (But Never Labor) done, now being done with the swipe of your weak little baby fingers. I have a list of daily errands and things people do with their smart phones that should make them feel dumb.

  • Smart Banking: Smart banking disclaimers state that a certain amount has to be in your account and remain that amount or more, in order for it to be free. If your automatic paid bills (Plus taxes & extra spending) exceed the amount? you will end up owing money.
  • Siri, Alexa, and Google: Once your information has been linked to the smart devices (Credit/Debit Cards) as you know, data is being sent back to corporations for their gain in consumer consumption (knowing what you buy/don’t buy). Along with voice activated devices listening, searching, and buying things without your knowledge until it’s at the front door. 
  • Manpower vs. Techpower:  I get it. People do tend to get very busy with work and other things going on in everyday life. But I feel the need for everything to be smart isn’t the way to go. From Homes to Cars. Everything and I mean everything is SMART! I will never understand the need for:
  1. Smart TV (I have one, hate it, only watch because it was a gift.)
  2. Smart Lamp
  3. Smart Watch
  4. Smart Refrigerator 
  5. Smart Washing Machine/ (Dryers too??)
  6. Smart Mirror
  7. Smart Gun??
  8. Smart Toilet
  9. Smart Toaster
  10. Smart Humidor (for cigars??)

Let me tell you this…. The only thing these devices are smart enough to do is tell you when its broken. And the dumbest thing people will do is go out and buy another one. That’s the name of the game. Smart devices are designed to mess up and it will happen on queue, because money can’t be made off things that last forever. Automobiles, clothes, kitchen accessories, POWER TOOLS, you name it and it’s been in the trash and back in a brand new bag. I do have many smart devices. Phones, laptop (I am blogging on), TV, and a tablet. But I will never depend on them to manage my money (unless it’s the calculator), pay my bills, and do my shopping by any means. What it should do is go and clock in for me, work 40 hours, collect and cash my checks. Oh wait! It already does half of that! Now to only get it to work for me 40 hours a week.

America? Throw your devices in the trash. The only thing technology should be used good for is trusting news coverage, world scientific and historical knowledge for the intellectual minded, and communication. Like it was originally for.

Thank you for reading and seeing things from the other side of the glass jar folks are trapped in all over America and the rest of the World. God Bless those from hear to Planet X. Be Careful. Be Safe

Jamel B.

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