Shutdown and Shut Up!

Don’t turn your television set off just yet. Our United States Government has been shut down for 20 plus days now and Between Politics, the media, social media, and Government workers all over the US, it has been getting wall to wall coverage. I don’t know what the big deal is? I understand that hundreds of tourist sites, national parks, and so on will and are being effected by the shutdown. But the Paycheck situation I can’t understand. If anyone doesn’t mind I would like to give you a few news flashes on the “Government Shutdown”. Trust me. Not by experience. But plain ole’ common sense the news won’t talk about.

  1. Government Workers (Along with any regular job) Have tutorials, orientations, etc. explaining situations that may occur during their time as a government official employee. This means the shutdown is explained before anyone, anywhere, at any given job is hired on. Those hundreds of thousands should have read that employee handbook that’s given out to almost any employee at any job.

2. Lets be honest. Why should any regular day, average Joe, blue collar, even white collar worker, feel sorry for workers not being compensated during this shutdown?? Many of those workers make more money in a month than any hard working Individual, Fast Food Manager, even Factory working supervisors make in an entire 52 weeks of pay. 

3. Most of those “Hard Working” People that are crying about not being at work, not having a pay check, and not being able to make rent, should be ashamed of themselves to go on Television and lie right through their newly fresh whitened teeth. their Health and Dental Benefits top the charts along with their Salaries. If those working in Government Jobs have trouble paying for anything right now I must say they have a very very very VERY serious problem with finances. Or maybe it’s just not true?

I was told that many of them will sit and cry before going out and finding a real job that they actually have to do WORK in. And I took that to heart because that guy was absolutely correct. If my job hits the fan blades, I will have to beat the street and find something else. I can’t wait for my factory job to open back up with a guaranteed lump sum of whatever amount I lost to be transacted into my checking account. It is pure common sense that these folks are doing and will be doing just fine. But instead of knowing that Americans feel sorry, Americans are complaining, running to the computer with their Home business all for the world to try and help solve the problem. It’s outrageous and down right dumb and ignorant. 

Please don’t be fooled by the media. Just use what the good lord gave you. YOUR BRAIN! I speak only with common sense and nothing more. I can’t stress enough about how these children in their late teens and youthful 20’s use their “SMART PHONES” rather than the most powerful part of your body (I Assume). God bless those walking blind, deaf, and stupid. Thank you all for reading and commenting. I do not have a wider base yet for sharing because I am trying to avoid Social Media by all means. But to get the message out I must come to some conclusion. Be safe. Be Kind.

Jamel B.

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