Just when things feel like they couldn’t get any worse American Citizens will wake up tomorrow, next month, and next year, knowing that it will only go downhill from here on out. I have been on both sides of the candidacies for the last 10 years and even before I was old enough to vote I already had some knowledge that the government has NEVER and NEVER will work for the American People. I have to share my belief of the Government and what they DO and NEVER DO. 

  1. No politic has ever worked a 9-5 paycheck job.
  2. Politics will give and take away, stretch truth, and bend lies to please lobbyist.
  3. Billion Dollar Corporations have the money for Politics to make them work (Conservative and Liberal). 

I don’t give a damn about that wall. And I could never see “FREE” anything for the American People. Advice isn’t free. Talk is Cheap? But not free. And for many of the American Citizens that are so proudly pushing for the Democratic Party. Those Immigrants will be given more opportunity that me, you, your parents, your grandparents, and Immigrants that began life here almost 100 years ago. As for the Red White and Blue flag loving, tax paying Joe’s and Josephine’s that stand behind the Republicans. The American Dream would come true if everything wasn’t a loophole and set back for those with families. But then again everyone does have their own habits and poisons. Being Financially Smart play some parts in how and when you obtain the “American Dream”.

I can’t speak for everyone. But I can say that people should have more common sense to know that if it hasn’t changed it never will. Unless we all ban together and take the Government right out the hands of the Billionaires. 540 Billionaire individuals against 325.7 MILLION individuals? The power is supposed to be in the people right?? Well 325.7 million people should be enough power without money.

Thanks for continuing to read and try to see things the way I see them. I will never force it but I try to embrace and encourage those to use Common Brain Power. God Bless all who are in frustration with the way the American Government has been showing its’ true colors.

Jamel B.

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