Weird Generation Cries 4 Likes.

In 2018, I would get off of work just in time to catch the evening news turning on. I watch the Local News, Inside Edition, and every now and then i turn to those world wide broadcasters like Fox News, HLN, CNN, etc. But they all seem to report the same thing.


I have just about seen it all this past year and the 8 days into 2019. Just this afternoon, I had found out that Annoying Children (Literally Adults) Were on their Precious “Social Media” Crying about the Comedic Show of the 90’s Seinfield. Now I will be truthful with all of you….. I found nothing and I mean nothing wrong with the jokes and scenes that were in the show Seinfield. The news reported many Americans were outraged and furious about the language, the script, the lighting on the set was too horrible for many to keep viewing from their 4k ultra light televisions??? There were scenes shown on tv that I looked at as funny! NOT OFFENSIVE!

I, Myself, would like to know why American Adults are crying like children? This television show, along with numerous other things have been long gone from any day time tv schedule. You may find it being viewed on some cable channel. Most of the time it is there to fill in empty slots from canceled or played out shows that need to be moved for something new or classic to play. Seinfield is 20 plus years old. Trouble was brewing over the holidays for 50 plus year old cartoons and music. Cartoons that were not meant to be broken up. They were not meant to be political, racial, METOOISH, or FEMINIST! They were and still are meant for Families, Children, and Those with Common Sense that enjoy traditional values. Holidays, Television, Freedom of speech, and Many other things that are rightfully meant for everyone to enjoy should not be Controlled. If you like it? Do it. You don’t like it? don’t do it. Don’t watch. It’s that simple. 

This is just the beginning. 2019, has just started, People are already getting amped up for the 2020 elections and do not have the slightest idea what will happen to them in the Morning. I have been hearing about the 2020 elections since 2017. I will not believe the Democratic party. I cannot trust the Republican party. So where does that leave me? Trying to stay afloat as I independently try to climb the latter of success without the Help of Government Assistants to be held over my head and I do NOT want to wake up every morning looking in the mirror at myself knowing I will snatch anyone off the latter to make my way up. Real Cliff hanger.

Thank you for viewing and Please fill free to comment and ask me anything.

Jamel B.

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