A Brand New Beginning

Around this time in 2017, I wanted to make a blog. I wanted to talk about the things that were and still are going on in the world we live in. In early August 2017, I had started working a normal job again. Not that I wasn’t before… I just found out trying to make a business is more than I thought. I also learned about what an Ass is. Under the definition is my face. Being in business for myself takes time, hard work, and experiences from past jobs you work. I have my whole life to start a business. Right now I must Learn better Finances, Experience, and most important FINDING SOMETHING I WANT TO DO! Over the course of 1 year and 5 months, Politics, Stock Market, and Social Media has been the main topics. Not to forget the #Metoo Movement. Things have been completely out of whack all across america. But with all that going on, I still found time to live and be free from it all. I may speak on the issues but I can care less about half of it. Since August 2017, I’ve experienced, purchased, and explored more Adventurous things places throughout my own town than I have my whole entire adult life. It’s too much to talk about it now. I have taken time out to find out the greater things in life. I can tell you it’s nowhere inside of an App. I can also tell you that I strongly believe if the Social Media sites shut down American People will be able to breathe and focus better on who is doing what and why to American Citizens. Which is You. I would like to thank those followers that are still behind me. Things I had blogged about in the past may have been far over the top, silly, and stupid at times. Many quote this line but I will never know who said it first. ” You Learn From Mistakes.”Whoever the Philosopher may be. You are absolutely right. I failed Media Mel Entertainmant the first time. I will try my hardest to keep my blogs to a minimum, stick to a topic, and get the F*%$ to the point. Thank You for reading. Get ready to a bumpy ride in the new year of 2019. Jamel Britton.

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