It’s been a while. More like a Long Time since I’ve worked for anyone. If you haven’t been reading, I have always said that I despised wanting to get back into the slave box of American Factories. Well I have came to the conclusion that I not only have many of my Plans Successfully failed for the moment? I still have my health, I’m still young, and I still have all the time in the world to shake back from my downward spiral. Really…… I still have a bit of a savings. I can still make it until the end of the Year. But with Christmas Time coming up, and my Summer Time Fun Spending, I will Definitely be in the Red Before 2018. So with that being said. I believe the Most Common Sense thing to do is to Suck all my Bullshit up and Do what I have to do for the Moment.

I Haven’t had many Jobs since my very first Job at age 17. This Doesn’t mean that I didn’t last long at the Jobs. This means that I put in time at  my jobs. At least a Year or More Thank You!!! Well I experienced allot of things while at the Grocery Store and Factory Jobs that I held. And let me tell you…… They’re all the same. From the time you’re Hired, until the time you Either Quit or get Fired. They all have the same Tactics, Tricks, and Trades.

I have also learned that Whenever a person Quits a Job? That last Paycheck is usually in many cases Literally the last Paycheck. Many others have little to nothing when it’s time to start back working. I have a few tips that some might know. I find that having a plan before starting back work will have anyone in the right direction to budgeting and saving.

Smart Ways To Quit A Job:

  1. People Quit and Get Fired from Jobs for many reasons of their own. If anyone under any circumstance, feels uncomfortable, has or has seen wrongful incidents at work? Report it to you Higher up Managers or Supervisors. If that fails? Try the Better Business Bureau?
  2. Always be on the hunt or Have another Job lined up, while you are out of work for the moment. Have a Backup Plan. Have some money saved back if you feel you have to up and leave your job. This will ensure Bills are safely paid for another month…. Or longer.

Getting Back To Work:

  1. Being out of work can throw your sleep habits off. Try to get a good 8-10 Hours of rest before your big day. Good Sleep will make a Better, Stronger, Healthier you. 
  2. Getting that first Paycheck is the Most Anticipating Day of any work week. But it all depends on when you start work, and when Pay period Ends & Begins. This is where your savings should come into play. Preparing Lunches, and Spending less Will keep you from borrowing until Payday.
  3. All Habits (Cigarettes, Alcohol, Drugs, Etc.) Depend on How you Manage whichever into your Lifestyle & Budget. If you can’t afford it? You can’t afford it?

I wasn’t really sure how I felt when I overlooked my funds. I really had to regroup my self, and think about where I was abut to end up…. Broke, Utilities off, and anything else I can imagine if it wasn’t for going back to work. There’s nothing wrong with an honest Paycheck. But like I’ve said. What’s an Honest Dollar Today anyway? Something Dies for everything we Own and Use. From our Shoes on our Feet to the Roads we Drive. We buy, We use, We Contribute.

I thank you all for reading. Blogging is not over for me…. I just have to now fit it into my already crazy Schedule. What was an Every Day of the Week thing, has slowly turned into every other day, due to Job Hunting and Etc. So now it will be a Weekend thing. But now Job Hunting is over, and I am now a TAX EXTORTED CITIZEN………. Again.

Remember to Be Careful. And Be Safe.


DJB “Media Mel”


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