As I was getting ready to start my weekend at my Family Reunion, I was hit with Information all night long about Charlottesville, VA and the Awful Rally, Riot, and Car Crash that left many injured, and One Dead.

August 12th, marked the 2nd Protest in 6Weeks inside the Small Town of Charlottesville, Virginia. With a population of 50+ Thousand People, it has seen crowds gathering since July 8th, for White Supremacy, Neo Nazi, and Alt Right Groups, protesting against the Removal of the Statue of General Robert E. Lee, in the new named “Emancipated Park”. Then Called “Lee Park”.

The Rally was scheduled to begin Saturday, August 12, at 12PM. But Charlottesville City Council feared that Crowd Control would get out of hand due to violence. So Relocation was advised to the Rally’s Organizer, James Kessler, which refused to do so, and filing a Lawsuit against the City of Charlottesville, for Violation of the 1st Amendment. That’s when Trouble Brewed into the Streets.

Reports and Photos had shown that A Dark Grey Dodge Challenger, had plowed into a Sedan, and Mini Van, causing them to collide with Protesters and Spectators, before reversing the challenger into more people that were then crowded around the vehicle. 20 Year Old, James Alex Fields Jr. was the Driver of the Vehicle. Police found the Car a couple of blocks away from the incident. 30+ People have now been reported injured and 1 Dead from the Crash Incident. Fields has been charged with 2nd Degree Murder, along with other Extensive Charges.IMG_20170815_004029_955

32 Year Old, Heather Heyer, was Killed when Fields, drove his Dodge Challenger into the Crowd. Reports say, She lived in the Town of Charlottesville, and worked as a Paralegal. She was known for being very spoken about Inequality, and was very active in her neighborhood. No reports of her having children have been said. 

IMG_20170815_004012_806(Lt. Cullens)                                                                                                        (Trooper Pilot Bates)

2 Virginia State Troopers, also died during the Rallying while on Sky Patrol. Reports tell that Lt. H Jay Cullens, and Trooper Pilot Berke M.M. Bates, took flight at 4PM to assist Ground Units with Covering the Rally after being told it was now Cancelled. News Reports that the Virginia State Trooper Helicopter went down at 4:51PM. But the Spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board, Peter Knudson, reports that it went down at 4:44PM. An Investigation is still Pending. 

The Mayor of Charlottesville, spoke heavily about the wrongfulness of the Klan and any other White Supremacy Group, along with his apologies to Heather Heyer, both state troopers, and anyone else that was involved with the Incident. Rally Organizer, James Kessler, was Booed and Nearly Ran out of town after being punched at a Public Speaking One Day after the Aftermath. Through it all, Donald Trump, gave a speech late Saturday Evening about the incident saying that “Crime and Violence within many organizations will be Condemned.” But never actually mentioned Nor spoke the Words “Condemn” and “White Supremacy” in the same sentence. Until Midday Monday Morning, another Conference was held. This time saying that “Crime and Violence within White Supremacy Groups will be Condemned.” Also being backed up by his Vice President, Mike Pence saying “Trump meant all Organizations that Protest Violence and Crime.” Also adding “The American People hate to admit that America is Back.”

Here Is What WE Know:

  • IMG_20170815_011514_617.JPGJames Alex Fields Jr.:
  1. 20 Years old.
  2. Born in Kenton, KY. Moved to Ohio with Mother.
  3. Father Dies before he was born.
  4. Was left a Trust Fund, held by his Uncle.
  5. Struggled with Making Friends as Teenager.
  6. Has Fascination With WWII Germany, Neo Nazi, and Adolph Hitler.
  7. Was Singled Out by Teachers for his Political Views on Race.
  8. Was encouraged to Join The Military. Began Training Aug. 2015, Kicked out Dec. 2015. Encouraged by Former Kentucky Teacher & Former Ohio National Guard Officer.
  9. Photo Emerges with Fields Standing with Vanguard American Protesters.
  10. Mother did not know he was going to a Klan Rally. Thought it was A Trump Rally.
  • IMG_20170815_011440_801.JPGHeather Heyer:
  1. 32 Years Old.
  2. From Charlottesville, VA.
  3. Worked as a Paralegal at Miller Law Group, Va.
  4. Heavily Spoken about Inequality
  5. Was Challenged by Racist Friend for working at a Black Law Firm.
  6. Joined Demonstrators and Encouraged others to be more active.
  • The Virginia State Troopers:
  1. Both Normally Fly Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Other Politicians of VA to Business meetings.
  2. Both were apart of The Governors Special Security Unit.
  3. No Radio Contact with Air Traffic Control before the Crash.
  4. News reported Crash Time: 4:51PM   National Transportation Safety Board Spokesman says Crash Time: 4:44PM.
  5. Fairfax County Police Helicopter Transported the Gov. on Saturday.
  • Alfred Wilson
  1. Attorney at Miller Law Group.
  2. Hired Heather Meyer as paralegal.
  3. Reported she was always seen at here desk crying.
  4. Very Active in the Law and City Communities.

Other Things We Know:

  • FBI Virginia Headquarters is now Handling the Incident as A Civil Rights Investigation.
  • Virginia KKK Grand Wizard Goes by the Alias Name: James Moore. Real Name: James Seay.
  • N. Carolina KKK Grand Wizard: Robert Jones (41). Another man going by the name “Mike” age 60, Claims to be the grand wizard of N. Carolina. Has No Knowledge of Jones.
  • N. Carolina Imperial Wizard of Loyal White Knights: Christopher Baker. Was Banned from participating in the Aug. 12, Rally due to a Court Order from a previous Stabbing. (Suspected FBI Informant.) Wife is Imperial Commander.
  • Robert Jones: Alias Name Believed to be Used by Christopher Baker.  Real Name is From a Deceased Klansman from the 1960’s.
  • Heavily Connected to California Klan Members. Grand Wizard: William Hagen.

Many events went down this weekend, and still continue to flow through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia and anywhere else White Supremacy has Grown in America over the last few Decades. News reports have shot up all over the country, dealing with Statue Removals, Protest over the Wickedness of the Klan, and The Speculation that our Leader of the Free World, Your American President is A CRAZY, RACIST, OLD TIMER, stuck in Olds Ways with New Crooked Tactics.

Now is not the time to joke abut the situation at hand. This is 2017. And these people, and The Donald really believe that going backwards with America, is really going to change something. WE as People cannot let that happen. 50+ Years ago, Hundreds of Thousands of People Gathered in front of the Washington Monument, to listen to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speak and Tell America that we should all join as 1 in this Fast Growing Nation. And then set the Bar for being the First Black Man to Get in Position to Determine Public Policy. We are loosing grip by the Day on the Power. We must stop all of this Nonsense and Rise above all the Hatred together. All organizations built on doing good, should Band Together. Being Separate does not Cut The Cake like it should. But people are fighting for different reasons…. Gender Equality here, African American civil rights there, along with Animal, Fetus,  Healthcare, and Other things that are looked at to be wrong and unequal for all Humans Rich or Poor.

Sources told me that Copy Cats Are Running around in the city I live in. Reports of cars being damaged in Housing Projects for the Elderly and other places vulnerable to Violence due to what’s going on in Virginia. 





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