Thursday August 10, 2017

BBC INTERNATIONAL (MIDDLE EAST): Saudi Singer Arrested For Dabbing

Saudi Arabian Native, TV Host, Actor, and Singer Abadolloh Al Shahani, was performing in South-West Saudi Arabia, when he was arrested for performing the Popular US Dance Move “Dabbing”.

Video of the incident went viral because “Dabbing” is Illegal and Banned in the Country for its mix with Representing the Narcotics Culture. The Dance originated from Atlanta Georgia, by new age Rap Artists. Since 2014, the dance has made its way all around the world being done on almost every Continent from Athletes, Politicians, to Celebrities. 

The Saudi Interior Ministry National Commission Combat on Drugs and played part in Banning the Dance for its reference to Marijuana. Reports say the Al Shanhani may have gotten out of hand during his performance, and forgot about the Ban. He later turned to twitter to apologize to The Saudi Government, along with his Fans for Misleading about the law.

No Information on Court Hearing.

First off.. I would like to get into what “Dabbing” really is. Both Definitions. Because if I left it up to the viewers? I would get One thing after another.

Dabbing Dance:

  • Drop Your Head?
  • Lean out like you are Sneezing in your Left hand (Pointing at a 45 Degree upward Angle)?
  • Extend your Right Arm Straight (Pointing at a 45 Degree Angle)?
  • With Both hands and finger tips Pointed?

Dabbing Oil:

  • Hash Oil. Extracted Marijuana Residue.
  • 10-30% THC Oil.
  • Vapor Burned off and Smoked.

The Relation between the 2 are no where near each other. The only thing these two things have in Common with the each other? Is that everybody is doing both, and they’re both Stupid! I found that it does symbolize a “Half Ass Nazi Salute”. But that’s it… To me that says allot. To others it’s just a Dance. I Don’t care myself.

Dancing has been around for centuries. I couldn’t tell you how dancing evolved from the Ball Room Effect to the Hot Sweaty Club Scene you see in 2017. But I did look up Bans that were put in place because of new Fad Dance Moves Coming out for the new year and many more to come.

1920-1930: Lindy Hopping was Sweeping the Nation. But was Banned in All Night Clubs and Dance Halls. Mambo Lambada, was and still is considered “The Forbidden Dance”. and was also Banned.

1984: Chicago Tried to Ban Street Performers Such as “Break Dancers”, “Mimes”, Etc.

1985-2002: Seattle Washington, Teen Dance Ordinance, Banned Teen Parties and Night Clubs from any Dancing Under the Age of 21.

Bans inside of Religious Groups such as “The Islamic State” and “The Jewish Community”, Ban Men and Women from Having Close Contact Dancing while out in Public Places. You Shall Dance. But not Together.

What Do you think about Going to Jail over a stupid thing like Dancing? To be Honest? I can’t dance…. And I do be hatin’ on those that can get down with they Bad Asses. Man I wish my feet worked. But oh well… Can you “Dab”? I mean Dance? I’m Pretty sure anyone can Torch a Glass Pipe, Drop a Piece of Oil on the Burner, and Inhale!

Thanks For Reading… When visiting places? Try to check on what you Can and Can’t do…. You are better off knowing than to get messed up Not knowing what for. And if you knew what you were going to jail for? You should have thought about that shit knowing you’re Hundreds maybe Thousands of miles away in Deep Shit??

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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