I was Internet Surfing, when I glided into a Small Country Town, that seems to have more than just “Country Time Lemonade on the Porch.” More than 60 Indictments were handed down by the Grand Jury Of Smith County, TN. But I’m not worried about the Drug Offenders, Assaulters, and Thieves. What Puzzled me was a few of those Indictments were handed down to DUI offenders. I’m not a Drunk Driving Activist. I have no intentions of saving anybody, or trying to rehabilitate. I just didn’t know that you could be Indicted on DUI Charges? 

I found 4 Individuals that were Indicted. Among all the others that were Major Drugs, Minor Drugs, Violence, Theft, and Driving Without or Suspended/Revoked License. Only One was a 2nd Offender. The rest were over the age of 30 Years Old, with one not showing Proof of Insurance. So I ask myself… How do you get Indicted on DUI Charges? Well it wasn’t hard to find. I always thought;

  • Get Pulled Over.
  • Asked “Have You Been Drinking This Evening?”
  • Suggested to Take Field sobriety (May Deny Request to Do So).
  • Blow In a Tube.
  • Anything over .08% Blood Alcohol Level. Going to Jail.
  • Released on Bail, Court, Fines, D&A Treatment, Etc.
  • Licenses Revoked/Suspended for 1 Year or Longer. (Depending)

But after extensive research, I found out that many people do Get Indicted on DUI Charges. But only because they Fight Them in Court. Here’s what you will be going through.IMG_20170810_092059_673

Then when all fails and the Jury has you tight against the ropes by Calling out those unforgiving words….. GUILTY! This is what Happens to you. 

1st Offense

  1. $350.00-$1,500.00 Fines + $4,900 in Towing, Insurance, and Other Expenses
  2. 48 Hours – 1 Year in Jail (For Offenders in Violation.)
  3. 7 Days in Jail (If BAC is over .20%)
  4. Drug & Alcohol Treatment
  5. Pay Restitution to Anyone involved with Physical Injury & Personal Property Loss.
  6. Installation of  “Ignition Interlock Device” At your Expense. (1st offense $1,000.00)

2nd Offense

  1. 45 Days – 1 Year in Jail.
  2. License Revoked (2 Years).
  3. Vehicle Subject to Impoundment.
  4. $600-$3,500.00 Fines

3rd Offense

  1. $1,100.00-$10,000.00 Fines.
  2. 120 Days – 1 Year in Jail.
  3. License Revoked (6 Years).

4h Offense

  1. 1 Full Year in Jail. (Minimum 150 Days).
  2. License Revoked (8 Years).
  • Child Endangerment while Under the Influence is labeled as a CLASS D Felony.
  • Possible 2-12 Years
  • Turns into CLASS B Felony (If Death Involved). 
  • All Offenders are able to Obtain a Restricted Drivers License (Work Relation).
  • Sentencing all Depends on Offenders Criminal History.
  • Reinstating Fees, Insurance (SR-22) Fees, and Other Fees Are Mandatory to Reobtain a Valid Drivers License.

I want to note that I was Informed a long time ago by “This Guy” who Knew “A Gal” that Dated a Police Officer. Now I’m not sure if any of the tactics work? But if a Fellow Officer of the Law Tells you this? I’d Roll with it. When it Comes to Field Sobriety Test, Many things are done outside of the vehicle that I think is a Task even for the Sober.

  1. Standing on One Leg: The Key is to Bend the Leg You are Standing on to Remain Balanced.
  2. Walking a Straight Line: Take your time and Relax. It’s only 10 Steps.l
  3. Saying ABC’s Backwards from Z to A: Be honest and tell officers “You Can’t Do it.” Not many can sober.

Do you think people have a shot When it comes to beating a DUI?? How many of you knew that you could be indicted on a DUI Charge? I guess it all depends on what the hell someone does during a DUI stop. Some people try to Flee Police, Others Crash the Car into Property or People. Leading to serious injuries or DEATH.

Please Drink Responsibly. Watch for all Drivers that are Recklessly on the Road out to ruin an evening.

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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