TUES. AUGUST 8, 2017

THE WASHINGTON POST:North Korea Now Making Missile Ready Nuclear Weapons Analyst Say.

Reports have flooded the US Intelligence Officials Office with information regarding North Korea’s Nuclear Program. The country has successfully produced a Mini Warhead That can be placed inside all of the missiles, a remaining key to North Korea’s door to opportunity to gain full fledged power in Nuclear Weapons.

After Analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency, checked into it, only to be more worried now than ever. Another peep by other Intelligent Agencies, shown that North Korea has nearly 60 Nuclear Weapons in its possession. Other Independent Analyst claim that numbers are actually smaller.

N. Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, is threatening America with plans to Unleash Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Capable of reaching American Mainlands.

Donald Trump Held a Meeting at his New Jersey, Golf Club saying “North Korea will face a Devastating response if its Nuclear Threat Continues. Also going on to say “North Korea will be met with furry and Power. Power the world has never seen before.

Even after the North Koreans launched their first Nuclear Launch Test, 10 Years Ago, Analyst predicted that North Korea Scientist were far behind, and years from designing a Compact Warhead. The Intelligence Community, Claims that No Weapon has yet been designed to travel the long distance without the help from Long Range Ballistic Missiles.

Now go back. Way Back…. Remember all of the Movies that came out during the 80’s and 90’s. “The Deer Hunter.” “Full Metal Jacket.” “Rambo.” Born on the 4th of July.” And “Good Morning Vietnam.” Plus allot of other movies I can’t think of at the moment. All of those Movies played a part in showing the American People and Explaining what was really going on over there. Yeah “Forest Gump” is the greatest movie of the 90’s when it came to explaining some truth to history. I found it more comedic than serious. I have a few things to point out that might shed light on those wondering why we are looking at going to War with North Korea. It might not be the Answer you are looking for. But It’s something that I believe and stand by 110%.

August 1945:

  • Korea was freed after 40 years of being occupied by Japan
  • 6 Months before The Atomic Bombings, President Roosevelt, suggested Korea be placed under Joint Trusteeship.
  • The US dropped the 2nd Atomic Bomb on August 9th. Russia troops were sent in to rid the rest of Japanese Soldiers. 
  • 2 Colonels, 1 becoming a Then Former Secretary of State under President Kennedy and Johnson, were given 30 Minutes to Divide Korea.
  • From 1950-1953 Hundreds of Thousands of Koreans were killed, captured, and left to flee into Japan, from Massive War Crimes being committed by the United States.

Space Race:

  • After World War 2 , American, British, and Soviet Union Scientific Intelligence Teams, Competed to Capture German Rocket Engineers and the Rockets, along with the Blueprints.
  • Each Ally captured a share of members from the German Team. America Came out on top by Possessing the Top German Scientist along with his Engineering Team. America was also ahead because they Possessed Already Designed & Built Rockets.

July 30, 1955: The United States Announced plans of launching Artificial Satellites within the near future.

August 2, 1955: The Soviet Union, announced their plans to send a satellite into space.

October 4, 1957: The Soviets Launched the SPUTNIK 1 Satellite into space.

April 12, 1961: The Soviet Union Launched their 1st Human into Space.

July 20, 1969: America Launched The APOLLO 11 Spacecraft, landing the 1st Human on the Moon.

  • The Soviet Union, tried to Land A Man on the Moon but Failed. Later Cancelling the Quest and Focusing on other Space Programs.


  • Tungsten, is also known as Wolfran. The Chemical Element is W. The Atomic Number 74.
  • Another Swedish Form is called Sheelite. Sheelite is also known as Volfran.
  • Tungsten, is a hard rare metal, that can withstand vast amounts of heat. The highest melting point recorded: 6,192 Degrees.  Highest Boiling Point Recorded: 10,706 Degrees.
  • Tungsten Filament, was used in Modern Day Light Bulbs.
  • Tungsten is used to make things from Solar Wind Turbines to Anti-Tank Missiles.
  • Combined with other Highly Conductive Metals like Nickel, Iron, and Cobalt, Create an Even Stronger Metal also making the Heat Resistance even Stronger.

Top 5 Producers of Tungsten from 2009-2012

  • Vietnam
  • Bolivia
  • Canada
  • Russia
  • China

IMG_20170809_231901_704(America has Little to NO Tungsten.)

  • US Reserves for Tungsten: 140,000 Tons.
  • 20,000 Tons of Wolfran is used.
  • 15,000 Tons are Imported
  • Remainder 5,000 Tons comes from Domestic Recycling.

This is allot to take in. Allot of Sneaky, Doo Whop Dumbness. Now look at the chart below and Tell me again why America should be afraid of North Korea?


What is this really about? This is to take control of what’s left of the Planets Natural Resources. This Includes anything that America is either Running Low on or Completely out of places to Import from. In other word? Nowhere else to steal from. We went over into the Middle Eastern Section of the World Nearly 30 Years ago, in search of Oil, and Riches. Now we are invading again all because of Mining Resources. And among other things. But the Tungsten is mainly the real reason for all of this. #1 That stuff is just Laying inside of the Chinese/Korean Mountains. #2 THE RACE BACK INTO SPACE, Is still in motion. Two things America is behind on. 

What do you think about this War Talk? The news spreads it like Propaganda, The internet is scaring everybody, and I can’t get a single suggestion from anyone other than “I’m about to buy more guns.” Or ” I Don’t Know What We Gonna Do.” Well to start that last part off, i’m going to tell you right now what you’re going to do. NOT 1 FUCKING THING. If the Nuclear Bomb went off in my Backyard, in the Morning, What the hell you think I’m going to do about that? Nothing but Be Vaporized, Reduced to Ashes, and DEAD! Nothing You can do.

Thank you for reading. I try my hardest to bring you information that the news clearly knows but can’t tell it how they are supposed to. Because the Major News Broadcasters are nothing but Federal Agents just making sure that nothing that SHOULDN’T  be told GETS told. Say what you want. People that actually see something? Never get the opportunity to tell their story until Decades later or When the Aftermath has lost interest to the public and nobody cares anymore.

Enjoy the time while you still have it. 

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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