I’m not sure about anyone else. I cannot begin to tell you what goes on inside of other peoples homes. Who Pays What? Who Watches Who? or What is Saved at the end of every month. But when I seen this July 30th Report about the Least State to Have Individuals living Paycheck to Paycheck? I had to start invading some homes and privacy. I don’t know anyone really outside of Tennessee. I know I have family in other states…. But I don’t KNOW them? I want to share a little bit of that Article I found and see what you think of the math they are doing…

SUN. JULY 30, 2017

GO BANKING RATES:States Most Likely & Least to Live Paycheck to Paycheck.

A Survey given by Go Banking Rate, accounts that 69% of people have less than $1,000 Dollars in their Savings. 34% Say that they have no Savings at all.

Money is saved depending on the Cost of Living in the State you Reside in. The Go Banking Rate Survey gave results off of the following:

  • Median Household Income.
  • Housing, Food, Transportation, Utilities, and Healthcare Per Paycheck.
  • Leftover after Cost of Living Expenses.

IMG_20170809_005703_766Now I would have typed down all 50 States and Its Results from what the cost of living is… But that was too much stuff to type. So I got down to the Basics and named a Few. The Highest and The Lowest. 

#50: Hawaii: Hawaii/California, Tied for Utilities being used more than the US Average combined.

  • Median Household Income: $2,826.38
  • Leftover Income: $-907.31

#25: Illinois: Dangerous but Obviously Profitable.

  • Median Household Income: $2,291.85
  • Leftover Income: $925.59

IMG_20170809_005917_945#4: Tennessee: Ties with Indiana, having Cheaper Living Expenses.

  • Median Household Income: $1,818.27
  • Leftover Income: $849.52

#1: Mississippi: Record low Utilities, Living Expenses, Transportation & Healthcare.

  • Median Household Income: $1,561.27
  • Leftover Income: $759.21

All of this was based on the usual Utilities that someone would have (Lights, Water, Rent). How much food you purchase a month. Along with your Transportation and Healthcare. Which is taken out of your check every month. Now like I said. I’m not in Everyone’s home. So I can’t tell you exactly how Everyone’s living. But I did want to point out that the Survey did NOT point out the cost of living for “Single” and “Single” Individuals with 1 or more Children. I had a problem with that. I have put together 2 Examples. Both will have (2) Single Individuals. 1 has children. The other one doesn’t. 

(Many of the Numbers are some Accurate. All Bills are on Monthly Basis.)


  • Median Household Income: $1,600.00 a month. $800.00 2 Weeks. $400.00 weekly.
  • Rent: $700.00
  • Lights: $125.00
  • Water: $35.00
  • Groceries: $150.00
  • Transportation: Insurance: $50.00   Gas: $150.00
  • Healthcare: $75.00 (2 Weeks)   $150.00 (Monthly)

Total Income Leftover: $240.00

I know what you’re thinking. And Before I could go any further, I was told to stop and think about the extra bills he has that are not apart of his regular monthly pay. But due to circumstances, habits, and the mandatory Cellphone. I have to add up the leftover’s that are suppose to be savings. Shall We?

  • Cellphone Bill: $55.00
  • Probation Fines/Fees: $55.00
  • Cigarettes: $5.00 Daily.   $35.00 Weekly.    $140.00 Monthly.
  • Alcohol Consumption: $20.00

Total Income Leftover: $-30.00

Yeah… That’s what is left after working a full 40-80 Hours on the Job Site, for A Single Male living on their own. -$30.00 Dollars. But….. The example does do side gigs to make extra earnings to live on. Cutting hair is something that has been in his life for some time. From only having a few clients starting out, to having the whole town looking for him to get a Crispy Clean Haircut. A whopping $350.00 dollars is averaged every month. After Squaring the -$30.00 Dollars with whoever he borrowed from, $320 Dollars is still left on the table for a little bit of saving. 


SINGLE FEMALE: 3 Daughters. (2) Middle School. (1) High School.

  • Median Household Income: $3,200.00 Monthly.   $1600.00 2 Weeks.   $800.00 Weekly.
  • Rent: Full Fee: $915.00   Section 8: $400.00
  • Lights: $130.00
  • Water: N/A
  • Groceries: $200.00
  • Transportation: Car Payments: $331.00    Insurance: $117.00   Gas:$150.00
  • Healthcare: ???
  • School Lunch Money: 3 Daughters: $100.00ea.

Total Income Leftover: $1,572.00 

Now this looks a little better? By my eyes it does. But then I have to stop and think again about other individuals needs. This time Individuals with children. Now we have 3 Teen Girls to add into the mix. 

  • Clothes Shopping: $125.00 X’s 4= $500.00
  • Home Accessories: $150.00
  • Health/Beauty Accessories: $150.00

Total Income Leftover: $772.00


After going through what I believe is the Actual Cost of Living for the Average Single Male/Female. I have come to many conclusions on this.

  1. A single Male Living on his own, No Children, Working 40-80 hours, will still have to have Extra Income flowing in order to save a little bit every month.
  2. A Single Female, Living with 3 Children, Working 40-80 Hours, will have to have the Assistance of the government in some type of way. Via Section 8 or Utilities Assistance. 
  3. SOME Homes and Apartments do not require a Water or Light Bill. The Average Rent in Tennessee is around $1,100 a month. Homes and Apartments! Only Lower Income areas will have Water or Lights Free or included in the rent.

What does this mean? This means that the Survey Report is Full of Shit… I know plenty of more that will tell you that they indeed live Paycheck to Paycheck. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I believe everybody is living paycheck to paycheck. Cost of EVERYTHING is up! Food, Drinks, Health Products, Home Products, Cars, Gas, Shelter, Violence, and Death is even in there. Yes there are jobs all over Tennessee, and the other 49 States. But Who is getting the Good Jobs? Who is making the Big Money? No need to be pointing fingers. We all have struggles. That’s what makes us who we are. If we can break the Struggle? We can do anything. And that’s Have a little Money too.

Do you think Tennessee is least likely to live Paycheck to Paycheck? Are you single? Are children involved in the quest to keep the bills paid? And have some Fun Money? A Combined Household Income With or Without Children, is 110% most likely to succeed faster than a Single Man or Woman With or Without Children.

Thank you for reading. 

Always try to keep yourself ahead of the debt. Remembering to pay your bills (On Time) will ensure that the Lights and Water will stay on. Along with having a Roof on your Head. Save your money wisely…. When you Can.

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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