I wake up in the morning sometimes and be like “What The F**k Is Going On??” It’s nothing I can do about Crime in Georgia. Crime In Florida. Hell I can’t do a damn thing about what goes on in my own city…. First off what is Crime Now Days?? We have Laws and Penalties left and right in America. Even Laws on Waters Inside and Surrounding the Good Ole US of A. I been hearing about some guy, video recording this other guy, dragging a Big Ass Shark on the back of this Big Speed Boat, having the fish flipping and flopping all over the water like it was a drunk water skier. I have a small report from the news. Check it out.


DAILY MAIL UK: Sickening Footage of Idiot Fisherman Shoot Hammerhead Shark Dead at Point Blank Range, as His Friend Reeled it in.

Video has emerged of an MTV Reality Show Star, allegedly shooting a Hammerhead Shark in Unknown Waters somewhere off the west end of Florida. The video shows 22 year old Alex Kompothecras, is the alleged suspect, wearing a Red Ball Cap and Sunglasses, bringing the Shark nearly aboard the boat, when 2 shots were fired into the gills of the fish killing it before bring it inside the boat to pose for Instagram..

Sources are not clear if both Video and Photo are even taken from the same events. A video weeks prior, shows a group of men dragging an unknown species of shark, from a rope as the boat sped off. Neither incident has yet been proven to be the same guy.

The video was sent to an Animal Rights Activist (Russ Rector) who calls the video Ridiculous.

I know nothing really of the guy that is suppose to be “Rich and Famous”. Just about the only thing I know about the guy is what you find out on the news. Which has had him in the Public eye since Friday. I looked around and found a few things that will put you up on game with Mr. Kompothecras.

  • Mr. Alex Kompothecras 
  • 22 Years Old
  • Successful Father (Chiropractor)
  • Both Parents are married
  • Parents were interviewed in 2011, Siesta Key, Fl. Magazize. “Ask Gary” Mansion.
  • Stars in the Reality Show Siesta Key
  • Republican Voter.

I didn’t know much at all about the fool. I can’t even get over how far the International Water Line is…. The map I looked at had shown me that After 3 Miles out at sea? It turns into International Waters. Which in this Case means you are free to do as you please. Probably still to a certain extent. Florida’s Wild Life Fish & Game’s Law Prohibits the use of Weapons and Explosives on Marine Life. (Inside Florida’s Water Territory.) But outside in the International Zone? You Can Blow up and Shoot Marine Life… Crazy Enough?


I did just a little bit more research and found out that Hammerhead sharks come in all shapes and sizes. But not all are see by human eyes. If they have? it’s been decades since. At least by what I seen. Continuing on with what I found, It looked to be that Only 3 Pose a Major Threat to Humans. As You See Above, You have the Great Hammerhead, The Smooth Hammerhead, and The Scalloped Hammerhead. All three have been reported endangered. And Dangerous. As of 2013, Reports claim that only 33 shark attacks have happened. Thankfully No Reports of death have been reported by Sharks of any Species.

I want to add that I, myself do not tolerate people that abuse animals. When I mean animals? I mean Cats, Dogs, Etc. House Pets, Farm Pets/Animals, and anything else that you might consider family. Things like Big Reptiles, Snakes, Sharks, Electric Eels, Jelly Fish, Alligators, Crocodiles, Spiders, and anything else that might bring harm to you and possibly kill you should be Killed or Put to Rest. How ever you want to say it. Now every now and then you hear a story of a Mountain Lion or Grizzly Bear, Gator or Croc. Ripping someone in half, and Mutilating them almost to Horrific form damn near killing them. And The whole entire world will Shout loud as they can. KILL THE BEAST! A Child was Swallowed up by a Gator at Disney World Last Year. They Killed so many Alligators that it didn’t make any sense. Now some Rich Asshole Pumps 2 Bullets from a Raggedy Ass Gun that Jammed on the 2nd Shot, into a Large Hammerhead. And The Entire world wants his Ass LOCKED UP! Plus One News source milked the whole “Make America Great Again” Hat thing up. I was watching the news and I didn’t see the first Logo on the Hat. It was plain. 

Tell me what you think about the International Water Laws? Are the Crazy Enough for you? Or could this be just a Big Promo Scandal for the show to boost those rating. Gotta love Television. Plus Why would anyone that was that close to him turn that video over to an Animals Rights Activist? Unless They were on a rental boat and had a tour guide or something secretly film that? Who Knows? But we can find out. I forgot that he Poured Beer into the Hammerheads Mouth after killing it. I don’t know what kind of fun they got out of it? But I thought it was pretty funny.

Thank You For reading. People today will do anything for a few minutes in the spotlight. I, Myself could see Me Filming a close friend of mine doing something they shouldn’t. Just for a Couple Hundred from News Media. And your name being labeled a “Snitch” or in THEIR case “Blowing the Whistle”.

Be Careful. Be Safe.




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