WED AUGUST 2, 2017

BBC INTERNATIONAL (INDIA): Hair Thieves Striking Fear in India.

50+ Women have all been struck with fear, after reporting being Drugged Unconscious, only to have their Hair Chopped clean off their Heads. Authorities have been struggling hard to apprehend the so called “Phantom Barbers” . Women throughout Northern India are not pleased. Many are Paranoid and Frightened.

A 53 Year Old Housewife, reported that she only remembers seeing a white light before passing out. Also stating she was out for almost an hour, realizing that her full head of hair had been cut off. The woman says that the attack has left her in a Traumatic State.

Reports of hair stealing shot high at the beginning of July, starting in the city of Rajasthan. The attacks have now spread into several other cities. Including the Capitol Of Delhi, has had similar incidents reported.

The Victim resides in a Small Community, that consist of Farmers and Traders. She says her attacker was an Elderly Man (Unknown Age), and Wore brightly colored clothing during the attack. Her Daughter-in-law and Grandson were Present during the attack. But heard and seen nothing.

A 2012, Article was posted talking about much of the Hair coming into Great Britain being wrongfully scalped off of unsuspecting women’s heads. Yearly the UK Hair Industry pulled off a whopping 45-60 Million Pounds. A study had shown that Hair/Beauty Salons Revenue for 2012-2013, pulled in 3.64 Billion. America should be #1 in the Hair Industry. Not just because of African American Women. But because where Profit is? American’s Follow. Most African American Women do go Monthly to get the Weave Extensions put in their head, costing as much as a Utility Bill. In fact? I find that many women pay way over a Utility Bill for their hair (That’s not clearly theirs). I’ve heard of people spending over $200 to get the Doo they want. To hell with that. I barely want to spent $25-30 Dollars when I have to get my hair done. The lowest amount I heard a woman charge for Extensions and Etc. was $50 Bucks. That’s too much for me or anyone to be spending. But Whatever makes you look good? I Guess.

Do you think Authorities should be on top of this Trafficking? Women shouldn’t be abused in any type of way. This is something that I believe would Leave anyone shook up. The Hair Industry, use to Profit from Horses Hair. Now they are pushed from that Category by Animal Rights Extremist, only to turn to Using Human Women because of the supply and demand for HAIR! Even those who say it is for charity to support those who have lost hair from Cancer. You will never know where or what that hair came off of. Unless you seen it yourself.

Thank you for reading. Remember to stay away from strangers. Even Adults have to abide by this rule. It’s too dangerous to trust people you meet off the street.

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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