FRIDAY JULY 21, 2017

MARSHAL COUNTY TRIBUNE: Developer Charged For Damaging 200 Year Old Cemetery.

A cemetery, almost as old as the County, was destroyed by a Home Developer Constructing in a nearby Subdivision. 55 Year Old, William Brown, was charged with destroying the nearly 300 Year Old Cemetery, after he ordered one of his employee’s to clear the lot with Heavy Construction Equipment back in April.

Brown, had purchased land from The Briggs Family in 2013, which contains 193 Lots. The Briggs Family Cemetery is located between those lots which are within the Subdivision. The Cemetery dates back to the 1700’s when Marshall County was called Gideonville. The 2 Store Town was Recognized by The Tennessean in an 1824, newspaper article. Edward and Elizabeth Briggs, both born in the 1700’s are buried in the cemetery. Along with many others before and after them.

Brown, turned himself in and was charged with Injury to Cemetery, and was booked on $5,000 dollars bond. He is due back in court this October. He stated that he takes full responsibility for what happened. His employee was only doing his Job.

Decafing a Cemetery or Gravesite is a Class E Felony in Tennessee.

This is something that happens all over the Country. Maybe even the World. Defacing Gravesites, is something that you hear Degenerate Teens doing. But Home Developers do this on a daily basis. Nothing matters to them but the Dollar Signs. Not the Nature, Not the History, Not even the People that are Dearly Departed. I’m Not sure about anyone else? But I believe in Spiritual Things like Ghost, and Poltergeist. These types of things happen after something like Cemeteries and Old Items of The Dead and Gone, gets Disturbed.

Along with this being an old cemetery. This cemetery is reported being older than the family that is buried in it. You have to think about those who were here before Columbus, and The “May Flower” came over and Wiped it out.. This was the Indians Land. Native Americans that were here long before Englishmen came here. Before they Claimed it Their Land. Before they Enslaved every other race on the planet! This was Their Land!!!!!! Think about the 1700’s. Think about the 1800’s and all the way on up until today. 

  • Indian’s Slaughtered and Buried.
  • Slaves Slaughtered and Buried.
  • Civil War Soldiers Slaughtered and Buried.
  • Family Members Buried along side Hundreds of Years worth of Tragedy.
  • Land Sold to Developers and Built Upon.

All of that creates nothing but A Portal to Hell!!! But this County isn’t the only one in Hot Water. Hundreds of years ago, The Entire United States was nothing but 1 World Wrapped in One. Hot, Cold, Wet, Dry, Hills, Mountains, Flats, and Deserts. All Around this was something the Native Americans Owned and Inhabited very well. Reports of Navigators from China were the First to Discover America on the West Coast. With Evidence to Back it up in many ways. You can’t Hide the Truth when you get the Lies out the way.

What do you think you Defacing Gravesites? Do you Believe in Ghost? The Truth about America is being Exposed everyday. The Lies are too big to hide and harder to verify more and more each day. Why do you think Natural Disasters and Things Unsuspectingly happen??!!

Thanks For Reading. To those who Have Large Vast of Land handed down to you by Grandparents? keep it. It’s Valuable to you more when you cherish it and Continue on with the Process that Made it all happen. Without the Bigotry and Slavery.

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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