WED. AUGUST 2, 2017 THE NEW YORK POST: Man Accused of Selling 100 Pound Turtle, Claims He's The Victim. After nearly 3 weeks missing. A 100 Pound, 17 Year Old, African Spurred Turtle, was found after being sold to a man in Connecticut. 36 Year Old Shawn Waters, is accused of Selling the Turtle for … Continue reading RUN TURTLE RUN!



FRIDAY JULY 21, 2017 MARSHAL COUNTY TRIBUNE:┬áDeveloper Charged For Damaging 200 Year Old Cemetery. A cemetery, almost as old as the County, was destroyed by a Home Developer Constructing in a nearby Subdivision. 55 Year Old, William Brown, was charged with destroying the nearly 300 Year Old Cemetery, after he ordered one of his employee's … Continue reading (D.T.D) DISTURBING THE DEAD!