During my younger years, I would see friendS of mine ride Bicycles and Walking to school… While I had to ride the Big Yellow School Bus. Well I never paid attention to how dangerous it is to be on the road in the morning until I had to get out there. I could have been KILLED! Well I could have died on the Bus as Well. We had Reckless Bus Drivers back in 2002,3 and 4….. It wasn’t as Serious. Hell we thought it was funny.

Those who have the Precious Privilege of Driving their children To and From School? That’s good That’s good. But a large Percentage of Parents are out the door before their children even wake up. This means Children have the responsibility of waking up, getting dressed, and getting to school on time. All on their own. Depending on where you live and the distance from the school, really all makes it the more difficult. Not everyone now wants to go to the school in the school zone provided. Many are Rezoned every other year because of mass growth. I have put together ways children get to school and the dangers that may and may not happen. 

CAR RIDER: This is your most safest way…. Or is it? Never leave home in a hurry. I know it’s the 1st Day of School in many places today and many are still wiping sleep out of their eye’s. Take your time, and get there safe. Teachers are probably late too. Maybe even the Principal? Always wear you Seatbelt, and watch out for Sleepy Morning Drivers. The Roads are now Back Packed with Yellow Buses again.

BUS RIDER: Children are now having to wake back up bright and early, at the end of the driveway or stop sign on the corner.. For now….. Here in a couple of months, Daylight Savings will be swinging into action making it dark when the children wait for the bus and when some get off the bus. I’ve seen it nearly dark when children get home from school! Among many other things to add, Bus Driver’s are Not Good Drivers anymore.. Like I said, Reckless Driving in Bus Drivers has been going on since I was in School. But I remember Bus Drivers being in their 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Today they have Bus Drivers 18 and Up. A BIG NO NO to me. You have to have major experience to Fly a plane, plus seatbelts on them? But all you have to have is a Valid DL/CDL to handle Big Weight Automobiles? Train Conductors even got it bad in training.

BIKE RIDERS: I have always wanted to ride my bike to school. I didn’t get to until High School and when I did, I hated every bit of it. Traffic then wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it has gotten over the last 7-8 years. Come to think of it the only ones that get to ride their bicycles to school now? Are the only ones that live near it. Many Elementary Schools are closer to Subdivisions and Neighborhoods that have families. This means Children are within 5-10 Minutes from school and can easily get there safe. But still watch for those speedy sleepers and ones not paying attention.

WALKERS: Walking has been around forever. Children all shapes, sizes, color, boy and girl all have walked from school. But times have dramatically changed on that end. I would never allow my niece or my sister to walk anywhere without an adult. Men and Women are getting out of control with Kidnapping, Rape and Murdering Children of all Races, any Age, Anytime. If you do live within a couple miles or yards from the school. Make sure your child is protected my any means necessary. Even having neighbors just keep an eye out in the mornings and afternoons while children walk would make a great impact.

As I was writing this, I was Notified that a Car Accident had occurred this Morning somewhere on the Country Highway road. I’m not sure how bad it was or if anyone was Injured in the accident, but this is my prime example of why being safe is important. Never feel like you have to fly out the door. It’s okay to be late. Not too late. But you can’t be Late twice so you should just go ahead with the flow.

When do your children start school? Was it today? or will it be next week? Remember to always play it safe in the Mornings and After School. Traffic is at its worst at those times. Watch these children walking and riding their bicycles. We all want to make it home for the night. And continue on in the morning.

Thank You Reading. 

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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