For many Tennesseans this weekend, Money has been Burned, Money has been Spent, and Still have many many many things to buy. I know because I am one of them. Tax Free Weekend comes around Once A Year…. This is my first time actually catching the sale since 2010, and Damn it hurt my Pockets! Really not Really…… I, myself, do NOT have children. But I do have A Little Sister starting Year Two in High School, and My Niece is starting her first year of Pre K this year. Wow I have gotten old. I just left High School in 2009, and BAM! she is now in there? I hit the Stores, I hit the Sales, I Bum Rushed the aisles for everything I needed, and it might have been a rough going? But it got better when it was over. 

WP_20170730_003(The 3rd Pair of Shoes was Purchased 2 weeks Prior. On Sale.)

Now I had already brought a load of Shirts, Boxers, White Beaters, and Socks prior to Tax Free Weekend. I am glad that I did, because I would have spent way way more than I wanted to. I am not a picky person when it come it clothes. I’m a simple person. Nothing special about me when it comes to fashion. Long as it looks good and I can make it last a while because I don’t shop all the time. Shoe’s Twice A Year… Clothes?? It’s been about 4 Years since my last pair of pants. So I had to…

  • Dickie Work (Double Knee) Pants: $24.46 (X’s 3)
  • Reebok (Blue/White) (Black): Buy 1 Get One Half Off $59.99 (X’s2) 
  • Gildan Black Ankle Socks: 12pk $9.98
  • Black & Blue Gym Shorts (Freds Pharmacy): $4.00

Total Price: $177.34

Compared to what someone would have spent shopping at Nike, or Under Armor or something, for the things I purchased? Someone, Somewhere, just spent over $500…. Per CHILD! The only thing I didn’t like? was that Things were cheaper on Websites than it was in stores. Plus Allot of things were not even On sale But were Tax Free. And I Analysed all receipts once I got Home and Most of my house hold Items did get taxed. Like my Deodorant, Detergents, and Other Items/Appliances. I thought everything was Tax Free??? But what can you do?

Pre K Supply (Left)  High School (Right)

I did not go and buy any of the things you see on the left. And the original picture that I taken for the High School Supplies Mysteriously got erased. So I improvised. 


  • Backpack $11.00
  • Paper (College Rule) $.88 Cent (X’s 4)
  • Divider/Binder $9.00
  • Mechanical Pencils $.97 Cent (X’s4)
  • Scientific Calculator (No Texas Instrumental) $10.00

Total: $37.40



  • Crayons (64ct) $.97 Cent
  • Washable Markers (10ct) $.97 Cent
  • Colored Pencils (12ct) $.97 Cent
  • Children’s Writing Tablets $1.00 Each

Total: $4.91

What Did You Spend on School Supplies? Did you get every single thing on the list? Many teachers will recommend that you use Name Brand things Like Johnson & Johnson Products, Elmers, and Spiral, and Other School related things that always have cheaper brands following them. I was confused about a friend of mine ready to spend $1 dollar on a pair of Scissors that had a small plastic Guard (Tip) on it? Instead of buying a 2Pk of Scissors that cost a dollar? Never go for the highest thing. You have a Budget and Bills to also take care of. Plus Tax Payers already contribute well towards teachers pay and service for teaching. So why should Tax Paying Parents have to dump out large amounts of money for supplies the Fully Funded School should already have??? Somebody is getting that money? It’s not the Children!

Today is the Last Day to enjoy Tax Free Weekend… I just about Ran out of money trying to take care of everything I needed for My Sister, Niece, Home, and Myself. Even my dog got something out of the deal. Remember to Catch the sale before Midnight tonight. Be Safe out here and Watch out for People Breaking in Cars and Robbing Those leaving out of stores. It’s Summers Black Friday.


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