WED JULY 26, 2017

BBC INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Pakistan Village Council Orders ‘Revenge Rape’ of Girl.

20+ Individuals are being held accountable for the rape of a 16 Year Old Female, in what is being called a Revenge Rape. The incident follows behind the Victims brother raping a 12 Year Old Prior to the Recent Rape In Muzafforbad, Multan.

Both Families know each other and a member of the 12 year olds family came to Village Council, asking what should be done. The Council agreed to the Revenge Rape that taken place right in front of the Village Council and Family. Both of the victim’s mother’s reported the incident to Local Police and had Examinations done on both girls that confirmed they had been raped.

Sources say That Pakistani Jirga (Village Council) does make the Judgement and Ruling for Crime and Punishment within their Village. But says that The Revenge Rape and Village Council was all made up and created by members of the 12 year olds family.

In 2002, Village Council, did order the rape of a Then 28 Year Old female. The Victim’s Brother had an Affair with an Older Woman. All her Attackers Cases were overturned in court. She was offered to Leave the Country but still remains in the area to educate school girls. She is also a well known activist. 

Once you start to roam outside your everyday culture, and read and view things differently than how you usually look at? You find that things just get crazier and crazier. Now if this was 1997, we wouldn’t make such a big deal out of the situation that’s going on. This is Typical Tribal Tradition, You Can’t really change it. And Who are we as another nationality to stop what they are dong? Given that this was all Orchestrated by the Victims Family? The Village Council Should but shouldn’t be held accountable. They Shouldn’t be help responsible for the Family Members Posing as Village Council. But they did Watch as the 16 Year old was Raped in front of her family as Well!! 

It is kind of hard to say what kind of outcome this should really have. In one hand you have this Century Old Tradition of the Village, that is still being used today as an Authority Based Organization within the safety of  their village. Still with the help of the Local Pakistan Police. Then you have the Family that Falsified the Punishment to make sure that another Human Being knew how it felt to be raped by a man? Justice could have been served if all had just went to the Police from the Beginning. Then it would be still only 1 Victim of the Foulness. Now there’s TWO!

Do you think all 20+ Individuals should be held responsible? Or should the family of the 12 year old victim be charged with this Sick Senseless Act of  Wrong doing? For starters Both Rapist should be locked UNDER THE PAKISTANI JAIL. As for the Village Council? A quick evaluation of those within the group of Council Members should take care of ones thats dirty and filthy.

Thanks for reading. Always be careful of what you or a friend of yours tries to do that might make someone else very upset. Things like this just do not happen overseas and in the Desert…. This could happen Tonight. To anyone…… Could happen to you. You. And You Too.

Be careful. Be Safe.



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