WED. JULY 26, 2017

THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR: Funeral Shooting Calls for Justice & Peace at Rally

A 28 year old Mother, was shot dead after leaving an Adult Entertainment Club around the morning hours of 3:30AM on July 9th. Less than 11 Days after killing 28 Year Old, Jasmine Moore, Shots rang out during her Funeral Procession on July 20th.

3 Individuals were injured during the shooting at the funeral. Among those was Moore’s Cousin, Richard Grundy III. Grundy, is the Leader of a know gang he started called “The Grundy Gang” and had Murder and Cocaine Charges Dropped against him this time last year. All members of the family declined to talk about the Grundy Case and ask for those to focus on the Mother who had just been Murdered.

Hundreds of Concerned Communities gathered, along with Multiple Preachers and Pastors, all crying out for Justice and Peace. Officers were on scene to make sure nothing happened at the rally. Family Member’s and Pastors within the community all came together to Pray for the Victims of Murder and Other Crimes, along with those who are out here committing the crimes. The Preachers called for all those to stop the violence. 

Indianapolis Police reported investigating 71 Homicides as of Month #7 for 2017. In 2016, 76 were investigated. No Police Security was in place during the time of the Funeral. No Murders have yet to be reported solved.

After doing a lengthy investigation myself on who, what, when, and why? I did find out some interesting things. Maybe this wasn’t the case. Maybe…. But you can be the judge of these few facts I did find out about. As for the girl? She could have been a possible target? Maybe an innocent bystander? Lets check out the facts on this “Grundy Gang”.

  • Richard Grundy III
  • Suspected Drug Trafficker, Gang Leader.
  • Charged with Ordering the Hit on 4 Individuals. 1 was not on the list.
  • Hitman Arrested, charged with all 4 murders.
  • A lady becomes a key witness with knowledge of the Hitman and Killings. 
  • Asked to relocate in Exchange for Information on Grundy.
  • Department of Justice Pay’s her over $6,000 for Information.
  • Key Witness Skips Town on Authorities with $6+ thousand in cash.
  • Key Witness Gave Authorities false Identification (Name) during report interviews.
  • Addresses to Georgia Were False.
  • Never shown in court to Testify against Grundy on 2 occasions. 
  • Recieved 1 Year in Jail and Probation.
  • Grundy’s Attorney(s) implied the incompetence of the officers on how bad they handled the investigation.
  • Murder, and Drug Trafficking charges are dropped, but charges were still on the Table. Many of the Gang Members are still locked up.

By the way this looks, allot of people would be pretty pissed off at this Cat. Top Dogg? The Head Man? Ordered the hit on 4 individual? And one wasn’t even supposed to die? He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time…. Sources also stated that Police Officers were not at the Funeral giving the Extra Security for the family. I believe this is the work of Dirty Cops? I also believe this was Revenge for 1 of the 4 Grundy had whacked off? If you look at it? If this was a Retaliation Murder from the streets? They would have found Grundy? Not Moore? and Why would they Plot to Kill Him During the Funeral? I can hardly believe that ANYONE Black could shoot up a Funeral where Old and Young children and Babies are Mourning? As for the Cops? Not just any Cops… Crooked Cops. That do Mop Style Shake Downs, and Police Brutality. Knowing they blew their shot at Hanging Grundy in Court, I believe they were flat out going to do anything it took to get this guy’s name back in the street for a crime that would actually stick. The Bush Whackers Hit the Wrong Person, and Missed again at the funeral? Now this will call for A Continuous Turf War on the Streets!!! Which is what should be Stopped!

I am Praying for the Family. Regardless of what lifestyle you live, and how your family members live. Nobody but the Actual Person Targeted should be the Only one Targeted. Bystanders, and Those just Being them shouldn’t have to die because they hang around or associate with the One they are after. Nobody should have to die PERIOD! All this could be solved if we didn’t have to Dwell in our Environments with little to nothing but drugs to sell and survive off of. We As Blacks Can’t Change until we change our attitudes. When it boils down. All Gangs and Blacks in general all have the same issue in life. We all our poor, we all want money, our government won’t help, jail systems are crowded, and Nobody wants to end up there. If we Work together we can CHANGE ALL OF THAT!

Tell me what do you think of the Murder of this 28 Year Old Woman? Was this Revenge From Gangs on the street? Or Revenge from Government Official Gangs? The Real Gangsters? That Can & Will Kill You and Let the Murder go Unsolved? And you couldn’t do a damn thing about it! Or Can You?

Thanks for Reading. Please Watch after each other. This Woman died having a good time. Don’t let it be your last time.

Be careful. Be safe.




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