WED. JULY 19, 2017

THE TENNESSEAN: 2 Year Old Left Inside Vehicle Found Dead at Westmoreland Mayors’ Gatlinburg Home.

A 2 Year old was found dead inside of a vehicle Friday July 14. Police Responded to a call a little after 1PM Friday, to find the child had been found inside of the car. Authorities believe the child had been left inside the car Between that Thursday night on up until they were called on scene.

After learning the Home Address from nearby neighbors, the home was founded out to be owned by Westmoreland’s Mayor, Jerry Kirkman. Authorities of the Gatlinburg Police Department, Westmoreland Authorities, and the TBI are not commenting on what had taken place, the child’s gender, or the name of the child at the moment, due to the investigation still ongoing.

The National Weather Service of East Tennessee, rated the weather for Thursday July 13, and July 14, at 88-89 Degrees. Reporters reached out to the Mayor of Westmoreland, and Received no comments at the moment. 

Nothing upsets me more than to hear the news report about another child being left inside of a hot car…. How? Somebody please tell me How? and Why? How do you leave a child in a car? and Why would you forget to pull a child out a car when you exit a car? I found nothing to be that important to forget that a child was in the car. I find this to be Completely Irresponsible of this “So Called” “Mayor”. And the MOTHER!!?? I don’t see how her, or any other mother or any parent for that matter to be qualified to even hold the title as “Mommy”.

I have a big problem with these cases. Many of these people will blame this sad case on a Medical Problem. Lack of sleep, stress, and other things that are wrong with me right now. But I still remember to get my niece out of the car with me anywhere I go. Because I know that a Child is clearly in the car with me because of the DAMN CAR SEAT!!!!

  • Men should know better. Most of the time, a Man will have his child 20-30% of the time. I believe this should make Men twice as alert to know that they have a child inside of the car with them. Especially one that is older than 3 years of age. Children are talking at that age. So that should clearly be a reminder right there!
  • Women???? Children go through your body. You feed this child from the time it grows inside you all the way until this child is an adult. How in the Hell can you forget something like this in the car?? Women now would rather care for Cell Phone’s and Animals better than they would a child. That comes from them? You would never forget your purse, or to grab the makeup bag out of a vehicle? So why Forget a Child? 

Do you think these Cases of Children Left in Vehicles should be a crime of Murder? or should we ignore the fact that many people in America and other parts of this Big World Just Do Not Want Children? We all make mistakes. But I believe that when children are born? Those are not Mistakes. Maybe by the Person He/She had it with. But never should the Child or Children be called “Mistake(s)”.

Thank You for Reading. Always. I mean Always Love Your Children. Grab them… Right NOW!!!!! Hug them and Tell them you love them. People in this world are just plain crazy… I just don’t know.

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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