WED. JULY 19, 2017

BILLINGS GAZETTE: Helena Man Receives 100 Years For Sexually Assaulting Girl In Health Club Restroom.

A Montana District Judge, just handed down a 100+ Years Sentence to 29 year old Andrew James Hohn, for Sexually Assaulting a 7 Year old Child in a Health Club Restroom in 2016.

Hohn, was arrested last year and Charged with 2 Counts of Sexual Intercourse without Consent and 1 Count Aggravated Kidnapping. Hohn Plead No Contest to all 3 Charges. He received (2) 100 Year Sentences for The Sexual Intercourse and 10 Years for The Kidnapping. He will have to serve them Concurrent and will not be eligible for parole until 2042.

The Child and her Grandfather were swimming at the Health Club, when she had to go to the restroom. The grandfather reported seeing Hohn Enter the restroom and he went to confront the man. When the Door opened, the grandfather spotted his granddaughter sitting on the Toilet Naked. Hohn told the grandfather that he never seen a child in the restroom, before fleeing the scene. He was picked up that day.

I am in much pain for this little child….. People are getting out of hand with this Child Sexual Act of Fetish or whatever you want to call it. I am sick of these fuckers going under the radar for many years hurting young children and teens. I have never encountered anything like this and I am glad that the Judge threw the book at this Asshole for the crime he committed. What is going on in Men and Women’s brains when they Sexually Harm Children???? It is too many Men and Women in this Ugly World for This guy and many others not to find a woman just for them. Instead? He ends up turning towards Little Girls!!!! I don’t think 210 Years is enough for him. They should have taken his ass out in front of a Firing Squad and Aimed straight for his Head.

What do you think about this 210 Year Sentence? Do you think Parole is something that should skip him? Which you know it will. Many of Years after the first one. And most likely he will die in One of Montana’s State Penitentiary’s. But He could get out… Technicalities like Cancer could make the state set him free. That’s one thing they will not pay for. A dying Inmates Cancer Treatment Bill.

Thank You for reading. I hope that this child can grow up and continue a normal life without having to worry about this happening again. But it’s a Sad Fact that she will not…. Please Be Careful when out in places with children. Always go along with them anywhere they need to go. Even if it’s embarrassing.

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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