WED JULY 19, 2017

BBC INTERNATIONAL (AFRICA): Lion Kills 10 Year Old Girl in Chiredzi.

A Young Child was killed by a Lion just yards away from her Aunt’s hut in a Rural Zimbabwe Village called Chiredzi. The incident occurred late Saturday Night July 15, when the child got up to go use the Bathroom. 

The Aunt Reported seeing the Lion Drag the Child’s body into the Dark Brush. By Morning, the Child was found 900 odd feet from the home. 

Human and Wildlife Contact have been a concern in the are for decades. A Nearby Village Chief has reported to the National Park Authorities, about Stray Lions killing off Villagers Livestock.

No Comment has been made from anyone connected to the National Park Authorities about the Child’s Death or the Stray Lion Complaint.

By the way it looks on the Map in Zimbabwe…. The Stray Lion deal is something to worry about. Although they are in the Southern Part of Africa, and the City is very Rural from any of the other Major South African Cities, The National Park Authorities should be able to have a handle on the situation. But on the other hand? This is something that just cannot be stopped on a dime. Nature is all around these people, and Villages like this should Band Together and keep out Stray Lions any kind of way they can. I also understand the hardship in some of these areas by watching TV. Many of these Villages and Rural areas do not have the Means and Strength to fight off predators of this size.

What do you think about the National Park Authorities? Should they have a plan in order to have something done about this? Or is this a plot to get Villagers off the land? OR do they Simply Not care? I don’t know how far Reservations, Resorts, or Vacations Spots are from this? But I’m pretty sure Zimbabwe wouldn’t want tourist to Die behind this. That’ll cost them Plenty Fiscal Revenue…..

Thank You for reading. Watch out for ANYTHING when vacationing in International Place. Like Jungles and Mountainous areas that are beyond anyone being able to endure it.

Be careful. Be Safe.



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