In the beginning, I thought it would be a sham. Nothing to eat, nobodies coming, and I would spend my 4th of July at the Chinese Restaurant (True Statement). I remember my mama explaining that they needed to have all the meat ready and seasoned the night before, so nothing had to be done in a rush that day. Well everything ended up being done that day. But in all, after all of the talk, and preparation…….. Yesterday Was A Good Day.

The 4th of July is to Celebrate America’s Independence and This and That. I’m not getting into all of that situation, because that Liberation is only For a Certain Race, and We as Blacks chose Education over Liberation. This is another time and story. Every since I was a little boy, I always knew 3 things about Independence Day. NO School, Grilled Food, and FIREWORKS. Sadly that’s all gone now. Bills and Responsibilities now bring it to Work, Grilled Food, and Back to Work the Next Day. Never worry though. As you can see… These Babies, Toddlers, Young Teens, Adults, and Senior Citizens learned how to make the day great. Just like Sly & The Family Stone. “It’s a Family Affair.”


We all have one…… Well sometimes more than one. But Most of us have that one Uncle, that will come to the Family Gatherings, Yelling offensive gestures, off beat dancing, Screaming out “YEAHHHH” “TURN IT UP” real loud while dancing, and Drinking more than the average human should. I was speaking to him before this happened and he said “I been Drinking since this morning. Grilling food, Playing Music.”WP_20170704_018(Then He Fell Asleep.)

Don’t worry. He’s alright. Come this next weekend he’ll be ready to do it all again. The Children were there to help us pick his Ass up and get him to the Car. He had a good week. That’s what the Weekends, Holiday, and Summer is all about. Getting in a good mood. Just not TOO much of a mood.

The Night ended well with the Firework show that has been presented at the County Fair Grounds Since I’ve been in this world. Where my Mama Lives, the view of the fireworks is dim because of Dense Trees, but just Yards away at the top of the hill, we can get perfect clearance of the show without hassling with Traffic or Paying. I was Having Fun and Taking Pictures. That ended with a slight altercation about the Joke and Laughter of why I do what I do????? 

How did the Holiday turn out where you live? Many people got rain and Flash Flooding in many parts of Tennessee along with Lightning and Rumbles of Thunder. I had heard last night that a child had disappeared in the water somewhere in Shelby County. I hope that the Child is somewhere safe down stream. But it’s hard to call things that happen in the water. 

Well this is the last holiday until September. Besides Birthdays popping up left and right, this is all for now.  Remember to be safe when out partying. Just because the Holiday is over? Doesn’t mean that Many are going back to work so soon. This means plenty of Parties, Grilling, and Drinking. Believe me… Taxpayers are paying for every road block up. This means the rest of this week until the next weekend too.

Thank You For Reading and Viewing.

Be Careful. Be Safe.



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