For many Tennesseans this weekend, Money has been Burned, Money has been Spent, and Still have many many many things to buy. I know because I am one of them. Tax Free Weekend comes around Once A Year.... This is my first time actually catching the sale since 2010, and Damn it hurt my Pockets! … Continue reading TAXES OFF THE TABLE



WED JULY 26, 2017 BBC INTERNATIONAL NEWS: Pakistan Village Council Orders 'Revenge Rape' of Girl. 20+ Individuals are being held accountable for the rape of a 16 Year Old Female, in what is being called a Revenge Rape. The incident follows behind the Victims brother raping a 12 Year Old Prior to the Recent Rape … Continue reading VILLAGE TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS


THURSDAY JUNE 29, 2017 MOORE COUNTY NEWS: Former Moore County Correctional Officer Arrested. Special TBI Agents were called in to bring 29 year old, Shane Hopkins into custody on Friday June 23rd. Hopkins' Indictments were handed down by the Grand Jury of Moore County, charging him with 5 Counts of Sexual Contact with a Female … Continue reading OFFICER IN STRIPES


WED. JULY 26, 2017 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR: Funeral Shooting Calls for Justice & Peace at Rally A 28 year old Mother, was shot dead after leaving an Adult Entertainment Club around the morning hours of 3:30AM on July 9th. Less than 11 Days after killing 28 Year Old, Jasmine Moore, Shots rang out during her … Continue reading MOTHER IN THE MIDDLE


It never fails.... Every other day we hear about it on the TV. Somebody has just committed another Fraud or Embezzlement Crime. Depending on how long you stole and always how high up  you were on the theft chart, always determines the outcome in the case. Wheeling and Dealing, Greasing, Embezzlement, Extortion, Fraud, Theft, Etc. … Continue reading POWERFUL THIEVES


WED JULY 19, 2017 BBC INTERNATIONAL (AFRICA): Lion Kills 10 Year Old Girl in Chiredzi. A Young Child was killed by a Lion just yards away from her Aunt's hut in a Rural Zimbabwe Village called Chiredzi. The incident occurred late Saturday Night July 15, when the child got up to go use the Bathroom.  … Continue reading BIG CAT IN THE CITY.


WED. JULY 19, 2017 BILLINGS GAZETTE: Helena Man Receives 100 Years For Sexually Assaulting Girl In Health Club Restroom. A Montana District Judge, just handed down a 100+ Years Sentence to 29 year old Andrew James Hohn, for Sexually Assaulting a 7 Year old Child in a Health Club Restroom in 2016. Hohn, was arrested … Continue reading DEATH BY TIME.