This has to be the craziest thing I have heard about so far since I began blogging. I mean NOW I have seen it all and read it all! 

Tuesday June 27, 2017

THE TENNESSEAN: Wag! Dog Walking App. Expands its Reach to Nashville.

A Los Angeles based company called Wag! is now making its way into the Nashville TN. area.

Wag! is a Dog Walking Company, that has created buzz in 16 cities across the United States. Co-Founder Josh Viner, and others, all ensure that your pet is in the best of care when you are too busy to tend to the pet as needed.

Viner, also stated that the App is for anyone, but mainly those too busy with their Professions and Occupations. The App allows Pet Owners to Hire a Dog Walker for 20, 30, and 60 minutes throughout the day, (in advance) and Track the Dogs walks.

The California company, has now teamed up with a Brentwood, Tn. Dog Walking App, that has over 1,000 users throughout the city, and with Wag! they plan to expand into Chattanooga, and Atlanta Georgia.

Wag! Dog Walking Fee:

  • $14.00- 20minutes
  • $20.00- 30minutes
  • $30.00- 60minutes
  • Additional Pets will cost $5.00 Extra 

That’s good. That’s good. I understand making a hustle to a career. These guy’s went from just walking his Neighbor’s pets to walking Thousands in 16 cities throughout the Country. Not bad at all. But the thing I don’t understand about Households is not a hard question. And it’s not a hard answer. Matter fact, I have multiple questions with easy answers. I hope you could answer then for me.

  • Why are Rich People So lazy?
  • Why are Rich People More Concerned about the Dog’s health and Safety over their OWN health and safety??
  • Who has Pet(s) With No Time To Spend With Them???

I guess when you have money you can do things like this huh? I was up all night doing the math and history on this fancy dog walking app. The whole set up looks very in order, the people look nice, and the price range too me looks fair and decent enough to boot. But I couldn’t see myself, OR My dog wanting to go with a complete stranger. Nite Train Likes People. But only with Food in Hand…

Dog Walking Fee Total. (5 days a week. Plus Saturday & Sunday)

  • $14.00 – 20Minutes= $70 (Mon – Fri) $98 (Mon – Sun)
  • $20.00 – 30Minutes= $100 (Mon -Fri) $140 (Mon – Sun)
  • $30.00 – 60Minutes= $150 (Mon – Fri) $210 (Mon – Sun)

Now it’s your turn to do the math every month, then every year.

This is not all they do either. They show live GPS of where the dog is, what it’s doing, along with overnight stays with the walker, plus many are near you in your own neighborhood. Well will be. The App also gives you Photo Updates on your Pet on how happy it is with someone else instead of you.

Like I said plenty of times before. I have 3 children I do not have a photo of  the Female Shih Tzu “Princess”. But Max (left) and Nite Train (right)???? These Boys are Bad News. I wouldn’t Send these two to Obedient School. The only reason why I can handle them is because I always have food in hand and sneak them a Piece or 2. But seriously they’re good dogs, they’re Chihuahua’s…. Well Max has Beagle, Wiener, Chihuahua, Basset Hound, Coon, Pit Bull, Great Dane, Akita, Husky, and Hyena, pumping through his blood. Nite Train, is just a Little Bitty Tea Cup. For Rich Folk. But he in the Ghetto for Now.

Would you go all out and pay for Dog Walkers? Or will you give your self time to have with the Companion you have living in your home? I find it strange, that most people are really neglectful to animals. If they are that way with Pets? Think of Someone with CHILDREN? or a Wife? or Girlfriend/Boyfriend?? Family Period????

Love Your Pets. Love Everyone. Save your money and take your ass out outside for those 30min and THROW THE BALL!!! Tell me what type of dog you have and will it walk and stay with others?

Thank you for reading, viewing, Commenting and Following.

Be careful. Be safe.



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