Sheriff Reduces Georgia Inmates Jail Time for Saving Officers Life.

The Polk County Georgia Sheriff, reported that 6 of its’ County Inmates will all have reduced sentences for the courageous act of saving an Officers life.

The 6 Inmates were out on the County Detail Work Assignment, when The Detail Officer passed out in the Blazing Georgia Heat. The inmates, quickly rushed to his aid, grabbed his Cell Phone to dial 911, and attempted to Cool the Officer Off until Paramedics Arrived.

The Polk County Sheriff, says that Neither inmate has yet been sentenced for the charges they’re held on, and Will be given a good report to the Judge once those inmates go up for sentencing within the year. 

Inmates already receive 2 days reduce sentence for every 1 day behind bars (2 for 1). Those that are assigned to the Work Detail receive (3 for 1). The Sheriff also stated that the 6 Inmates would get 4 days reduced sentencing for their good behavior and act of bravery. (4 for 1).

The lesson here still remains the same. “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.”

All over the United States, The County Jails all over the 50 States carry Inmates From Serial Killers, and Rapist to Drug Dealers and Petty Shoplifters. Just because people are in jail? doesn’t mean that many of those people are Bad Guys? If you go to the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION, you’ll see the 6 Inmates, and Boy do they look like a tough bunch. But looking tough doesn’t mean you are tough. I know Many Big Guys that have Big Soft Hearts And I dare anyone to get on their bad side. Here is some of the things the Inmates COULD have done with unlimited time and opportunity.

  • Run.
  • Steal the Work Bus to Freedom.
  • Made Phone Calls Home.
  • Made Phone Calls to Freedom.
  • Let Him Die.

Nothing and I mean nothing could have stopped these inmates from doing any of the above. Work Detailed Buses go all over their City/County, doing work in all types of job fields. Sometimes they’re close to town, most of the time they’re on the Back country roads far from People and Ways of escaping. Plus many of the Inmates that do Work Detail, Either have Good Behavior Status with Long Term Sentences or Good Behavior with Short Term Sentences. Right now the Inmates Names and charges weren’t brought up. But it still shows that either they have Long or Short Term Sentences, they Still felt something inside of THEM that made those guys make a move to help instead of taking advantage of the moment at hand. 

As for receiving 4 reduced days for every 1 day in jail?? Those guys deserve to have their cases evaluated, along with the Sheriff stating in court that The 6 men jumped into the heat of the moment and saved a fellow officer, instead of taking advantage of the situation by leaving the officer in the Hot sun to suffer dehydration and possibly a heat stroke leading to death. Those 6 Guy’s should be freed or freed placed on Probation (Depending on the Charges.) It takes a big man to do that time and do it while having to obey Correctional Officer’s commands. It takes a BIGGER man to save the life of that same demanding officer.

What would you do? Would You Say FUCK IT on a Life Sentence? and save him? or Be the one NOT helping and getting out tomorrow morning? These men are behind bars with more Kindness and Decency than a Free Person, Money in the Bank and all that good stuff.

Thanks for Reading. Remember to be kind to one another. The world DOES have good people left in it. Our Decisions are just messed up. Along with everything else around here.

Be Careful. Be Safe.




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