I love to do research. That’s what learning is all about right? Well I was thinking about my Mother’s Day Blog and Then it hit me. FATHER’S DAY IS THIS WEEKEND!!! Now I will never forget that it’s Father’s Day. I just have way too much stuff going on and I knew I would eventually be writing and telling you about the weekend. I will. But I want to explain to you this time what A Father is and what it is about.

After Miss Anna Jarvis, had successfully promoted “Mother’s Day” as a celebration for all women with children and being an all around mother to anyone who needed it, Father’s Day was ALSO created by a woman too… This was around the same time not far from where Mother’s Day Began (Grafton, West Virginia). In Fairmont, West Virginia, a woman by the name of Grace Golden Clayton, was mourning the death of her father, that was killed in a mining accident in December 1907, that killed 361 Men working. 260 of those men were Father’s. The then called Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South, Held a Memorial on July 5th 1908, for all of the falling father’s that had been killed.

Times have changed, and it is more than just mourning the death of Father’s. Today it is about giving thanks to the one that you Call Father, Dad, Daddy, Pop’s. Everyone has an off relationship with Father’s. How do you expect two men to just say “I Love You”? They know it’s there, why say it?  I don’t see Eye to Eye with mine at all. We Rarely talk, (unless others are around), The last thing I remember doing with my daddy was??????????????????????????? Damn….. Well I remember moving some stuff for my grand dad’s neighbors. And the Alcohol part’s when my great uncle comes around isn’t what I call spending time. So I will say it- has – been – about – 13? 14? 15?! Years! Not his fault or anything. It’s all on me with this one.

I am a very well brought up Man. Just not the one he wants me to be. The respective old fashion way of making the All Mighty Dollar is what he was raised up on, it has served my Grand Parents well and it has done him good as well. I believe working hard is something we all learn from watching our Parents, and Grand Parents. But generations change just like they did so in the Good Ole’ Days. Both Of my Grand Dad’s were hard working citizens. One is a Farmer, the other is an Ex Contractor, and will still try to get out and do so to this day. And for that, I respect them to the fullest over any New Generation of Workers. Me Also. Because we now take the route of wanting ownership. They took the route in just Working, and bringing home the Pay to provide for the family. As the old saying goes “We ain’t got much. But we got enough.” I doubt any of them said that. But that is the life my Daddy Expected out of me….. I want a little bit more than 40 Hours and A Car. That’s why I am on this Blogging Mission.

I like for my daddy to have cool things too. I’m just not going to go out and do something stupid for it, and I don’t have all the money in the world to Buy a Boat, or Pickup Truck. But I can still find something he likes or likes to do. The day has Become a Money thing. But you don’t have to show love with just Buying things.

  • Go fishing Boat or Bank.
  • Hit the Shooting Range.
  • Go to a Car Show.
  • Go see the Drag Races. (Where ever Races are held (Legally))
  • Hit the Bar for a Drink or 2 with wings!!

Maybe you can take the wheel for the entire Sunday and Let Him Relax. Let You or someone else hit the Grill and Let Pop’s take a seat for the afternoon. Knowing that Father’s Day, is on a Sunday All of those Father’s still have to get up in the morning for Work.

Dad, Step Dad, Uncle, Next Door Neighbor, Cousin, Who ever you look to as a Father Figure. Get up and just tell that person Happy Father’s Day and Do something special for them. Just a card will do. Nothing to fancy… I just let my daddy sleep. He’ll wake up and enjoy the day on his own time. Like I said. We don’t really see Eye To Eye because I want to make a Business and Not Work for THE MAN! but I wouldn’t tell him that. I might get my fucking Jaw Broken.

Thank You for reading. I hope That anyone that has that off relationship with pops? Don’t dive in Head First and Fuck up the Day TRYING too hard. Just take it easy with chatting. Then if it leads to having a beer? then You make a break through. After that? go eat and call it a day. 

Be careful. Be safe.



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