Summer time, doesn’t really start until the 21st of June. But once all the April and May showers went away, it seems like there has been endless heat. With the expectations of rising higher as summer rolls on. People have many ways of trying to keep cool in this crazy heat. Many will Soak Rags and Towels, Keep plenty H2O, and play in H2O if possible. Others will just stay indoors. If you have no reason to be outside? Don’t be. Only a fool would Stay in the heat all day while the air runs in the house. Well I spent the day with my niece, and had promised her I would Blow up her swimming pool. Actually, I had no choice. Kids…. Well while I was inflating this thing, I got the Idea to show tips that will keep children safe while having fun at the same time. I know you probably got the “POOL RULES” marked down. Anywhere and everywhere you go, you will always have Rules to abide by while playing around near Water. That’s how it goes and I’m glad they’re there and should be enforced more and more. If not? Get the hell out of the Pool.

  • As you see above, I actually made her stay inside while the water had filled up. Then as I was setting up her play things, I still made her sit down until I was sitting down and watching her. NEVER leave children unattended while a swimming pool fills up. I know people are saying “it’s not much water in the pool”. “the children will be alright”. WRONG!!! A slip and fall could happen, Neck injury, along with going unconscious and drowning. Always make sure you have everything you need with you before letting a child get in the pool.


  • When at home, children want to place toys inside the pool with them… Just like this one here. Make sure that those toys are NOT Electronic. I don’t know what would happen and I don’t want to find out. Making sure that nothing including batteries makes its’ way to the water will ensure safety to the child and the toy.


  • Once the child is in the pool, it is now time for you to relax. Always stay alert for anything that the child needs. Even if it’s just to talk or tell you that they’re having fun. I was tired from inflating, and setting up. So I had to Kick Back Extra Hard. But I made sure I was visual and awake when needed. NEVER have in Headphones or Ear Buds while children are in the Pool.


  • ALWAYS have an extra set of hands with you when dealing with more than one child, or to go the bathroom. Anything could happen in a split second, and children like to get out of hand when it comes to playing. Making sure someone is around to take your place watching the little one(s) play will make the day go smooth. (Parents should watch their own children during Gatherings or Parties at Swimming Pools Big or Small.)

Due to the Seriousness of Mosquitoes and the harmful diseases they carry.. It is best to Cover the Swimming Pool with a Tarp, or Just empty it all together. Leaving water in a pool is not only a breeding ground for the Mosquitoes? But is a danger to Your Child or any other child that might be visiting or just passing through. Many insurance companies will not cover Swimming Pools, and the ones that do? Will be charging out the Ass for having it. 

Thank You for Reading. Remember to be safe at any area you visit with water around. It is NOT A TOY! Water has to be Respected like anything else you try to do in life.

Be careful. Be Safe.



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