Monday Morning, June 13, 2017 I had said some thing’s that I clearly did not think about before typing. The Rapist Running Ramped blog. After getting further information, and knowledge of who it was and the actions that had taken place, I had to think over everything I had said.

Now I will not get into who it was, where they were coming from, or why that particular way is being travelled. I will tell you that I should feel ashamed of myself for Publishing such filth, and unkindly things about someone that I do not know personally, but I do know her on a every other day bases. Because I frequently see her. That is not the way I was raised and I Very Much Made the biggest mistake that a Freelance Writer could possibly make. Publishing Bullshit Facts.

In my mind, and after everything I had read in the papers and Mainly mapping out the Attack site, I had came to my own conclusion that the whole thing was not only A rape, but had to be more to it than what was told to the press. And for that I should be having my Ass Kicked personally. I had also questioned what color male they were looking for. And I stand by that. I just want to address that I have nothing Against other races of color. But if you look at the Picture, His shade should be darker if it was a Black/Brown male. Either he is Hispanic, or Light Skinned. Either way this is something that should be taking serious.

I would like to once again tell the Reader’s that I am sorry for putting my Thoughts before the Truth. I would also like to apologize to the Young Lady that this happen to. Just like many of us, she was only trying to work, and have a decent life in a world so filled with negative energy. Now she has to suffer with the Feeling of being harmed and knowing that the man is still out there.

I want to apologize to anyone who was offended in any kind of way. I never thought about how this could affect someone’s life, just by the way you tell a story. Words hurt just as bad as an attack. And at this time that child needs more Love and affection by Friends, strangers and loved ones. I truly hope that my apologies can be accepted. I am trying my hardest to make sure I bring nothing but the truth to the table when I speak. By Any Means Necessary.

Anyone that knows this girl? Please give her your spiritual words and guidance at this time. She needs to know that people are Beside her and Not behind her in this awful time of need. I honestly am thankful to have people that care enough to tell me when something is wrong and when something is right. There is no easy words to give to a woman in this time of need. But make sure you boost her up and give her the courage to get back out here in this world and overpower all of the negativity out here.

Thank You for reading. I truly hope that I can Be forgiven for the way I wrote that Blog. At the end of the month, I will delete it. I will still post my shame for everyone to see and expose myself before I let anyone else do it.

Be careful. Be Safe.



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