We all have 1…… That 1 Family Member, that Drinks whatever whenever. Now the younger generation is beyond drinking, and those that do drink? Can’t handle the Contents of Alcohol, and Drugs…. So they end up Fucked up. What is your Favorite Alcohol Beverage? When is your favorite time to drink it? Are you a “Casual” drinker? Social? or Plain Ole Alcoholic? Never be ashamed to admit it…. That’s how it usually gets worse.

Now these bottles have been way past consumption. Nothing last week or last month either. In fact, that Alize’ is from Superbowl 2007. Yes I was 16, but times are different now. I would never advise 16 year olds to jump behind the wheel of a car and drive drunk. I have allot of Bottles, that I kept for Memories just like this. The bottle next to the Alize’?? Every bit of 11-12 years old. I remember the night I got it. But that is another story..

If you ask me to have a drink tonight at 10:30PM and it’s a cool something Degrees, while we’re standing outside, nice, clear, and perfect? I would tell you “Hell Naw!” Not because I have had Bad Experiences, or because I smoke too much… It’s because it’ll still be too damn HOT outside!!! When it comes to the Spring/Summer time? I leave the drinking to the drinkers. Even in the Fall, It will have to be dark to have a drink. My time is the winter time. It’s cool and crispy, I function a lot better, and I don’t have to do all of that sweating and showering. I am showing these examples of Alcohol to show you the Seasons in which these alcohols SHOULD be consumed. Because people now will grab anything and call it their favorite drink, and it be way way out of season for it.


Many may laugh for this being such a cheap drink, but when you look at Sales and number of people going in and out of Liquor Stores? In Brown Paper Bags?? You never know what He/She may have in the Bag. But seriously. This is a Spring/Summer time drink. Along with Mixers, Cocktails, and other Fruity Drinks, this will go great with a cup of ice. No need to mix anything with this though. There are several different kinds of sweet flavors when it comes to the bottle above. Remember that when you go to the store tonight!


This is something that I personally Purchasing only in the Fall time. As you can see that Pretty Top, It is also a Shot Glass. This is what you cool off during the day and sit by the fire with at night. Of course, there is other things to buy and drink. This is from my stash of collectibles. I could have chose a Bottle of Skull Vodka, But I don’t drink that shit. I could have Placed an image of the Ciroc. But I don’t really like the taste of the Original Blue Bottle. I rather have the Sour Apple. Whatever you pick. Plain ole’ Clear Alcohol with plenty to mix, is great in the nice cool temperatures.


Now I am a “Crown Royal” Drinker, Fan, and trying to get on the Platform with them. One Day…. One Day.. Sorry. This is Cognac….. Something that has been around just about as long as any other Liquor. This is not Alcohol History.. I love any kind of Brown in the Winter Time. Like I said, It is nice and Cool outside and you don’t need anything to make this great. IF you know how to drink it. Now i like the old classic movies, and mob shit where I see barley 2 shots in a glass. I had learned right then that it doesn’t take much to get a Wonderful Buzz. A nice Fire outside with a good ole’ cup of this will make you forget about Old Man Winter and his Cold Blasting Winds.

WP_20170614_011(Due to closet space, I had to take my bottles to a better place.)

As I was saying… I am a fan of Crown. I know this is a weak collection. But I will tip my hat to the one with a bigger one than this. And Pray for your Health. I’m not making this to tell anyone what to drink and how to drink it. And the only reason why beer is not on here? Is because that shit makes me full and sleepy. I just hate to see people slumped over from having the wrong drink. You can’t be Outside, in the Heat, Day or Night, Drinking Dark or Clear Alcohol. You are Guaranteed to wake up in the hospital. But if you keep your ass inside you might stand a chance. Once again IF you can handle the drink. I have always believed Size matters when it comes to having a drink. A 99 Pound girl will be WASTED on 2 beers. Compared to that Heavy Weight 180 pound Thang knocking down bottles like Godzilla knocking down buildings. No Offense. It’s the way it goes. 

Either way you flip it. Never drink more than you are supposed to. I, Myself, just like others, show up somewhere with their Mind set on a “Drink Limit”, and fail to keep it every time. But others grow out of that and learn to have themselves 1-2 Drinks. Now the Size of the Drink is just like How Many Drinks You Drink. Think about that when you sip out of that “BIG GULP” cup.

Party How You Please. But Do it Responsibly. They tell you for a reason on the Can, bottle, Television, Radio, and The Internet. If you look hard enough. I have a Half Blind Uncle and If you go under my Instagram, and look through my videos, they will show you what Alcohol will do. He had the nerve to tell me that “When I Go Out, I’m Not Going To DRINK RESPONSIBLE.” I was like WOW!

Thank You For Reading. Be Careful, Be Safe, and Watch out for DRUNK DRIVERS. They will ruin their life and yours quicker than anything. And Unexpectedly.



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